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Set 054
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Magestik Legend Crate Kings Ne Zhdali Mercury Theatre Marxist.org Tasmin Little
Magestik Legend
Detroit, Michigan rapper shares 15-track Free CD; shared stage with hitters like George Clinton, Wu-tang, Ludacris, De La Soul, Rakim
[rap, gangsta]
Crate Kings
enjoy the mixes (pictured: Crate Kings vs. Henry Mancini), breaks, tutorials and network offered up by these master hip-hop DJs
[hip hop]
Ne Zhdali
Estonian group pairing "punk energy with the complexity of true progressive rock" (Allmusic.com) shares much of their discography
[rock, prog]
Mercury Theatre
finest radio drama of 1930s, famous for War of the Worlds broadcast, featured acclaimed drama company founded by Orson Welles
[spoken, OTR]
interesting respository of Soviet history, including national anthems and soviet songs
[soviet, war, Russia]
Tasmin Little
star violin soloist and orch director shares her The Naked Violin CD with works by Bach, Patterson and Ysaye
[violin, classical]
Jason Ferris Da ! Heard It Records Foolk Lokua Animic Crate Digger Death-Match
Jason Ferris
this guitarist and singer-songwriter based in New South Wales, Australia shares his 8-song acoustic rock CD titled All I Said online for free
[pop, rock, acoustic]
Da ! Heard It
fun netlabel "influenced by electronic, 8 bit, Easy-Listening, Acid, Toyz-Pop, Breackore, Electro Surf, Electro bass, Miami Bass"
[electro, chiptune]
from the Slovak Republic comes "lo-fi hip hop, beats, jazz cuts and bleeps... with live musical instruments and weird electronics" (aka Foolcut)
Lokua - Trails
listening to the urban beats Lokua (Joshua Keckner) lays down, it is easy to connect he is a Chicago native
[electro, hip hop, downtempo, house]
Animic - Hau o Hiu
stirring together the sounds of their home with folk music and electronic sounds in Catalan, Spanish and English
[folk, lo-fi, pop]
Crate Digger Death-Match
"What (albums) can 12 musicians create in 12 hours with only $12 of thrift store finds?" Whole albums of fun jams!
[sampling, varied]
Ryan Hoyle JazzCorner.com The Weird Weeds Mikseri Nichole and the Dreamcatchers Pr1me
Ryan Hoyle
the drummer for Collective Soul and many other artists shares works from his portfolio
[pop, rock]
offers fantastic podcasts featuring and interviewing jazz legends and up-and-comers
The Weird Weeds
This Is Not What You Want EP, "took all of 30 seconds... to fully blow my mind" - Portland Mercury
[experi, pop]
Finland's answer to MP3.com, IUMA, Soundclick, etc.; pages translate with a click; cool, vast resource
Nichole and the Dreamcatchers
12-yr old Nichole and some adult friends offer up this bizarre and beautiful xmas CD
[kids, odd, varied]
shares his entire The Transformation: Perception Is Deception CD, preview tracks on myspace profile
[soul, hip hop, rap]