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Set 053
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Tortue Super Sonic Brunk Bourbonese Qualk Bob Ostertag OurTeamIsFresh.com Victrola
Tortue Super Sonic
the Neogrotesque CD lays together traditional and some electronic instrumentation with dreamy and sexy results
from Belgium comes this fine, "DIY lowbudget homerecording, w/o any musical restrictions or stylistic premises"
[guitar, lo-fi, pop]
Bourbonese Qualk
entire discography available online, think Clock DVA and 808 State (thanks for the news, Nash Rose)
[industrial, pop, experi, electro]
Bob Ostertag
recordings of accomplished experimental artist with the likes of Fred Frith, Kronos Quartet, John Zorn
[experi, avant garde]
official site of the Brekfast Club, "a heavy collective of... hip-hop enthusiasts who move for the preservation and progression of real hip-hop"
Flores, Nubes, y Pajaritos release featuring seven songs: "sweeping, orchestrated short movies of sound" ( also on last.fm)
[trip hop, downtempo]
Brona McVittie The Normals D-Trash Michael Leigh Vincent Bell VA - Skafferi
Brona McVittie, UK singer-songwriter shares sounds and images of her gentle world, including tunes in tribute to outsider musicians
The Normals [FR]
from Strasburg, France play muddy, fuzzed out and loud garage rock
[garage, rock]
Canadian label shares its netlabel of more than 100 free breakcore, industrial and digital punk full-length releases
Michael Leigh
our pal Jim shares our pal Michael's 1992 tape of an American radio show playing "stuff he'd got at charity shops and jumble sales"
[varied, sampling]
Vinnie Bell
enjoy mp3s from perhaps the greatest session guitarist of all time, see the hit records for yourself! [rock, oldies, space age pop, guitar, sitar]
VA - Skafferi
Stefan Zachrisson put together this comp in the '90s through his award-winning (Scandinavian Indies) zine
[indie, pop]
Musica per Bambini VA - Tribute to a Love Singer Wesley Willis 64Revolt Kids' Zong
Musica per Bambini
Manuel Bongiorni and collaborators hail from Italy and perform theatrical shows; enjoy tracks from their first three CDs
[electro, rock]
VA - Tribute to a Love Singer
reinterpretations that only share the lyrics the original love songs by the masters
Wesley Willis
some of the recordings of the late schizophrenic artist who gained a cult following for his unique, simple music and funny, bizarre lyrics
[rock, spoken]
digipop group from Sweden share digital punk, breakcore sound in their poppy and melodic style
[chiptune, electro]
Richard Allen
8-song release Dreaming of You is predominantly instrumental and showcases the piano and acoustic guitar
[smooth jazz, pop]
Kids' Zong
a group of musicians in SE Pennsylvania who gather in their studio (the Zong Cave) and come up with fun new songs for kids