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Set 055
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Jalikebba Dead Heart Bloom Hedgehog Gepel Jordan O'Connor Plastique Noir
Jalikebba and the Toubabs
Jalikebba Kuyateh performs on the kora at the Tanji Village Museum in his homeland of Gambia
[folk, Africa]
Dead Heart Bloom
two gorgeous CDs of "music with the eclectic eccentricity of Beck and the dramatics of David Bowie" and you'll hear Nick Drake there, too
[pop, acoustic, rock]
Brazilian electro artist, aka The Mechanical God, best known for his breakbeat work, shares lounge CD (blog, myspace)
[downtempo, jazz, lounge, Brazil]
Argentinan jazz combo shares their fantastic Moducué CD, showcasing popular Latin themes within traditional cool jazz (website)
Jordan O'Connor
Canadian bassist and film score composer offers his improvisational solo bass album Lebreton online
[jazz, bass]
Plastique Noir
fans of Bauhaus won't want to miss this goth Brazilian group on German netlabel afmusic (band's myspace)
[gothic, post-punk, rock, industrial]
MasterToaster Flattstreet Ektoplazm Psychedelic Trance Chuzausen Swirlies General Fuzz
an established netlabel in Spain promoting both Spanish and international acts in genres across the board
young Canadian 6-piece funk-rock ensemble who learned chops performing and touring with the Hamilton All-Star Jazz band
[funk, rock, jazz]
Ektoplazm Psychedelic Trance
check out the free music section for goa and psy trance releases and compilations
[goa, trance, psychedelic]
Chuzausen - Happy Farm
winner at Oddio house, fun and light, "Freaky Gamebased Soundscape from Spain" (myspace)
[electro, chip, breakbeat]
members of Boston's dream pop legends share almost a dozen of their out-of-print LP and 7" releases
[indie, rock, pop, lo-fi,shoegaze]
General Fuzz
"electronic music with the emphasis on music... not so much dance music as music to zone out to... 'tagged it as lush melodic instrumental'"
Mr. Moods Spectacular Fantastic JT Bruce Protest Records My Outer Space Space Tragedy
Mr. Moods
In Love We Trust... And We Hate CD of "downtempo magic and hip-hop wizardy" released through Dirtybird Rexx netlabel
Spectacular Fantastic
enjoy the albums shared by this Cincinnati, Ohio indie 3-piece who sound like psych Beach Boys and a western Beck
[rock, pop]
JT Bruce
his free albums are in the vein of progressive metal bands like Dream Theater, the next generation after acts like Goblin
[prog, metal, rock, guitar]
Protest Records
"for musicians, poets and artists to express love + liberty in the face of greed, sexism, racism, hate-crime and war"
[rock, pop, folk]
"ongoing project that invites musicians from all over planet Earth participate"
[electro, space]
Raging Family - Space Tragedy
the RF brothers released another sweet one, "an epic saga set in the 6th dimension of outer space... official sequel to Black Holes"
[pop, electro]