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Set 049
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Cosmologic American Chamber Players Victor Borge Skin Graft Records Tim Barsky Il Maniscalco Maldestro
"traverses the broad terrain of creative jazz and improvised music," hear tracks from their critically acclaimed albums
[free jazz, improv, modern comp]
American Chamber Players
"extraordinarily talented group, ...established standards of chamber music performance" -The Washington Post
[classical, chamber]
Victor Borge
old time radio collection of beloved, infamous humorist who employed the piano and classical music in bringing joy to the world
[humor, classical]
Skin Graft Records
you want some comics and noisy rock and roll? yes! enjoy the huge sampler this label provides to tempt you and make you want more more more [rock!]
Tim Barsky
you have to hear him to get the many facets of this unusual musician, playwright, beatboxer and storyteller
[varied, hip hop, folk, flute]
Il Maniscalco Maldestro
(The Evil Horseshoer?) Italian band of crazies with an evil marionette mascot shares discs
[rock, psych, gypsy]
Kleinhenz and Winter... Denis Lecarme - Les Enfants Sont Méchants Radiant Musiek's Phonography Bird Lantern - DuD EP Konfort Records Olga Scotland - Scotland Yard
beautiful split release from 2 endearing acoustic indie acts from Göteborg, Sweden, Björn Kleinhenz and Winter Took His Life
[folk, indie pop]
Denis Lecarme - Les Enfants Sont Méchants
clever French singer- songwriter shares his superb CD in the grand chanson tradition with piano, violin and accordion
[France, chanson]
Radiant Musiek's Phonography
field recording repository extension of the Radiant Musiek online music collaborative site, member and visitor submissions
Bird Lantern - DuD
EP of choice cuts from the Epic Dud LP by these 2 men from Adelaide, Australia who mix sampling and real instrumentation (myspace)
[hip hop, pop, blues]
Konfort Records
"exclusive releases from some of our favorite Mexican electronic artists... from deep house to ambient, idm, minimal techno and more"
[electro, Mexico]
Olga Scotland - Scotland Yard
listen quirky instro album from Olga, a Russian musician and member of Zen-Zen-Zen
[lounge, experi, electro, world]
The Octopus Project Re:Up Mix John Zealey Cattywompus Kiff'On
The Octopus Project
Austin rockers melding rock instruments, computer effects, mathematical arrangements
[rock, post-rock, electro]
Re:Up Mix
Brooklyn's The Agriculture teamed up with a mag to offer label sampler
[downtempo, dance, chill out, breaks, dub, hip hop]
John Zealey - Notes From Number 14
Bowie-esque singer- songwriter offers download of entire demo album or preview and download separate tracks at last.fm
[pop, rock, indie]
in the US Southern rock tradition, one reviewer writes, "is Black Crowes meets Small Faces meets Waylon Jennings meets Tom Petty meets Gram Parsons"
[classic rock]
these Frenchmen were born funky (né funky) and that is just what they aptly named the free EP they share (myspace)
[funk, disco, brass]
Mighty Shiny
"recorded eleven furious power-pop anthems... we want you to hear it, so here's a digital version you can download for free" (preview at myspace)
[indie, pop, rock]