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Set 050
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Pierre Laniau - Erik Satie Pieces pour Guitare Colida The Zverstvo The Folkways Collection A World of Possibilities Tunng
Pierre Laniau - Erik Satie Pieces pour Guitare
Laniau performing guitar renditions of selected works by composer Erik Satie (1866-1925), Pierre's official site
Colida - Eyes Shut and Ears Wide Open release
"full of melodic aggression... a brilliant piece of alternative" says analog und ehrlich, official band site
The Zverstvo
uninhibited vocals, rock and jazz instrumentation and a dose of mental illness
[avant-garde, experi, post-punk, avant-jazz]
The Folkways Collection
24 one-hour explorations of the music, words, and sounds that make up Smithsonian's Folkways Recordings)
A World of Possibilities
full archive of award-winning program that penetrates the headlines to uncover deeper meanings
[spoken, radio]
"finger-picking acoustic guitars against gentle synthesised beats,... often been labelled 'folktronica'"
[electro, folk]
Tullycraft Dark Winter Sparrow Bomb the Music Industry Ugh
nice discography spread for you from Seattle indie pop trio who debuted in 1995 on Harriet Records
[pop, indie, twee]
Dark Winter
excellent netlabel releasing music with a focus on dark ambient music, remarkable sound works
Vancouver's Zumpano and Destroyer folks making pop as Sparrow [myspace]
[indie, pop]
x23 - Archetype
old school techno and drums-n-bass release from the Asimetrix catalog
[electro, techno, dnb]
Bomb the Music Industry
sharing complete records, more a ska/punk collective than actual band
[ska, power pop, punk]
"noise rock in the tradition of the 90s Alternative Tentacles with the influence of bands from Jesus Lizard to Zen Guerilla"
[hard rock]
The Mysterons Nine Inch Nails remixes Mute - Pavement Politics Vulcan Freedom Fighters Company Slave Stetson
The Mysterons
enjoy the whole catalog from a team who sounds like Link Wray meets Throbbing Gristle in a tiki guarded cemetery
[instro rock, rockabilly, ]
Nine Inch Nails Remixes
the winning 21 tracks from the nearly 200 fan submitted remixes
[rock, hard rock, industrial]
Mute - Pavement Politics
"project of two beatsmiths located different sides of the Atlantic ocean" (myspace)
[hip hop, trip hop]
Vulcan Freedom Fighters
Trekkies rockin' it out á la super Man or Astroman style instrumental rock with Trek samples
[instro rock]
Company Slave
sounding like Cream, Zeppelin, Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix, this is a great CD for fans of classic rock!
[classic rock, psych]
powerful dual vocals, melodic post-punk, their first release downloadable from band here
[rock, punk]