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Set 048
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We Are All Of This Winamp Funny Music Project Various - Caligari The Madeira Michael Peters
Various Artists - We Are All Of This
another charming release from The Community Music Project, Carolina artists
[folk, Chile, Russia]
in addition to offering a cutting edge media player that is in constant development, they also provide free media
The Funny Music Project
top-notch novelty, "one of the best things to happen to funny music" -Dr. Demento
[novelty, parody, humor]
Various - Caligari
11 composers collaborated to produce 2 new soundtracks for the 1920 classic, watch the film with new soundtrack
The Madeira
"it is the surf music of the millennia-old Mediterranean mysteries," with Ivan, ex-Space Cossacks guitarist
[surf, instro rock]
Michael Peters
composer, musician and phonographer working in the realm of new sounds shares his remarkable work
[field recordings, ambient, experi]
Various Artists - Decomposing XLR8R Iron Chef of Music Chain Tape Collective Stupido Records Slode Headquarters
Various Artists - Decomposing
a fan tribute CD to Galaxie 500 and Luna, more info
[shoegazer, indie pop]
music magazine shares mixes and mp3s of the artists interviewed and reviewed
Iron Chef of Music
participants are given samples around which to build songs, interesting results
[varied, collage, sample]
Chain Tape Collective
mailing master tapes worldwide, 100 musicians adding own parts, 26 albums, 448 tracks + growing
Stupido Records
representing some of Finland's new greatest artists and offering audio downloads in the jukebox
[pop, rock, Finland]
Slode Headquarters
this DIY label in Finland shares tracks and entire records from their punk catalog
[punk, hardcore]
Cultural Foundation 28 Days of Rock Add Timzen Share Better Looking Records
Cultural Foundation
music collective in UK loosly based around reggae band Culture, but creating varied sorts of music
28 Days of Rock
February 2005, 28 days, "6 men, 168 songs, novelty eternally preserved"
[pop, rock, indie]
Jeffrey Fal, one prolific Song Fight participant, shares his releases and new material
[rock, pop, varied]
Will Ivy shares his straight-forward rock release, produced by Lance Watts of Crankfarm
global network hosting jam events for laptop A/V artists, many cities have audio archive online, like SP, MB
[experi, electro]
Better Looking Records
Los Angeles record label providing a large sampling of its catalog
[indie pop, rock, folk]