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Set 047
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Damon and Naomi Brasswork Agency Pine Leaf Boys Jivan Gasparyan Josh Woodward Alligator Records
Damon and Naomi
delicate dream pop, their former Galaxie 500 is credited as precursors to the shoegazer genre
[indie pop, folk, acid-folk]
Brasswork Agency
samples of Rostropovich performing Shostakovich cello all reworked into a loving tribute
[electro, collage, cello, classical]
Pine Leaf Boys
young Cajun musicians from Louisiana playing authentic Cajun, Creole and zydeco music and adding own zest
[Cajun, zydeco]
Jivan Gasparyan
Armenian musician and composer, known as the Master of the Duduk, instrument similar to oboe
[folk, woodwind, Armenia]
Josh Woodward
gifted acoustic rock musician from Ohio shares his rock CDs in their entirety
[rock, folk, acoustic, indie pop]
Alligator Records
the first name in blues promotion and preservation, Alligator Records now shares select tracks
Winchcombe Concert Brass State Shirt Silly Pillows Trzaska i Ostrowski electroreptil Jamie Barnes - Paper Cranes
Winchcombe Concert Brass
performing since 1954, hailing from the borough of Winchcombe in the United Kingdom
[brass, classical]
State Shirt
one of Song Fight's many success stories, he has gone on to release some excellent music
[indie, electro]
The Silly Pillows - Tomorrow Is Yesterday
upbeat EP from veteran 20+ year indie pop group from Pennsylvania
[indie pop]
Trzaska i Ostrowski
Polish avant composers share their entire Blades electronic acoustic jazz release
[jazz, electro, techno, mod comp]
electro netlabel in Aachen, Germany offering a small but excellent collection of releases
[techno, dance, electro]
Jamie Barnes - Paper Cranes
5-song intimate and melancholic EP from singer- songwriter Barnes, see also his official site
[acoustic, folk]
unfoundsound Insectorama Sundays in Spring Electronica Unplugged Aerotone
netlabel based in Europe and USA offering up catalog of fine dancefloor friendly recordings and collections of field recordings
[field recordings, electro]
compact minimal electronica label out of Leipzig, Germany
[minimal, techno, electro]
Sundays in Spring
Matamore's sweet and eclectic little netlabel whose "goal as an indie netlabel is to favor the intimate, bucolic and melancholic colors"
[lo-fi, folk, indie]
Various Artists - Electronica Unplugged
"classical acoustic instruments... within context of contemporary music" matched with electronic bits. vol 1 and vol 2
[acoustic, electro]
the melancholy electro netlabel that brought you the Electronica Unplugged CDs also offers you a full catalog
Various Artists - Foolklegs
billed as "folkloric mashups," this irreverent 17-song release stirs in everything from Goran Bregovic and Peggy Lee to modern pop stars
[mashup, folk, pop, hip hop]