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Set 046
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TSOL Hapna Eric Barnhill Plastica Free Sample Zone
the True Sounds Of Liberty, legends of LA hardcore started in 1978 and the band's original members still perform today
[punk, rock]
well-respected Stockholm label bringing several of Sweden's more interesting electro artists to the world
[electro, ambient, avant-garde]
Eric Barnhill
his gorgeous audio project The Daily Improvisation, Daily Music in a Classical Style; more info at Eric's Cognitive Eurhythmicss site
[modern comp, classical, piano]
the best source for some top names in chiptunes: Psilodump, Bit Shifter, GoTo80, Mesu Kasumai, Nullsleep, more
[8bit, techno, electro]
Portuguese pop band who for the last decade has played alongside the likes of Oasis, Alanis Morissette and Sonic Youth, shares their hits
[indie, pop]
Free Sample Zone
longtime fave in Oddio Land, this netlabel is the brainchild of the cut-n-paste addict Chenard Walcker
[sampling, collage, jazz, hip hop]
Touch and Go Records Simon Goffin Sagor och Swing Stereo Deluxe Yo La Tengo Tribute to Chenard Walcker
Touch and Go Records
and sister label, Quarterstick, legends in the world of American independent music, share audio selections by their diverse artists
[punk, indie, rock, surf, folk, varied]
Simon Goffin
young Belgian composer of soundtracks, chansons and orchestral pieces shares his promotional set of old and new works
[soundtrack, mod comp, chansons]
Sagor och Swing
former Swedish organs and drums instrumental duo classified in All Music Guide as neo-psychedelia, ambient pop, instrumental rock, neo-prog
[jazz, electro]
Stereo Deluxe
"modern urban sound" label of "relaxed, intelligent and varied club and listening music" and oddities like William Shatner
[Brazil, dance, dub, lounge, pop]
Yo La Tengo
the masters of longevity in the American indie-rock scene offer for listeners a small collection of their works from pop to long prog rock pieces
[indie, rock, prog]
Various Artists - A Tribute to Chenard Walcker
artists gathered at WM Recordings to send their love to the master cut-and-paste musical collage artist Chenard Walcker
Eglantine Records Lagos Disco Machine Liz Durrett
Adult Swim
tunes from adult cartoon tv shows, including Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Harvey Birdman, Robot Chicken, Space Ghost, Brak Show and Squidbillies
Test Tube
is a Portuguese netlabel, focused on presenting new artists who are exploring new sounds. "We are not restricting ourserlves to any particular style"
Eglantine Records
small label releasing limited, finely packaged CD-Rs, promoting upcoming artists from all over the world; enjoy sampler
Lagos Disco Machine
dreamy Warm Orange release on the Patterns Community Sound Centre netlabel
[electro, noise, glitch, instro]
German label and netlabel offering most of their catalog online
[electro, bleep, glitch, instrumental hip hop, drone, ambient, techno]
Liz Durrett
soft-spoken singer, songwriter and guitarist from Athens, Georgia delivering slow folk with a gentle openness
[folk, acoustic]