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Set 043
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Luke Palmer Luminescent Orchestrii The Jennifers Self
Chico Correa and Electronic Band
self-titled release from this Brazilian group of six musicians and a VJ who beautifully blend the organic and electronic
[Brazilian, electro]
Digital Groove (Brazil)
Rabeca, Sanfona e Pife release shared on Recife Rock is a gem of Brazilian electro with more beats per minute
[Brazilian, electro]
Luke Palmer
a feast of delicious compositions and improvisations from a brilliant composer and programmer
[modern comp, piano, classical]
Luminescent Orchestrii
a reviewer wrote "endless onstage energy, romantic numbers, quality musicianship"
[gypsy, klezmer, Balkan, folk, rock, world]
The Jennifers
Baltimore favorites share their The Covers Project and other selections on their official website
[indie, pop, rock]
a treasure trove of B-Side albums, alternate versions, bootlegs and many more gems (see All Music bio)
[pop, rock, electro, indie, alternative]
Gorowski Thrift Store Compilation
this diamond is out now on WM Recordings is Simulators Can
[dance, collage, lounge, funk, electronica]
Aleksi Virta
CD ..Meets Torsti At The Space Lounge is a cool trip through the solar system
[electronica, jazz, soul, dub, bossa, space]
Larry Carlson
melt into days of hypnotic aural concoctions from a kaleidoscopic, hallucinogenic dreamworld
[tripped out collage]
enjoy a catalog of releases and experiments from the toy workshop of Vokskabinet
[experi, toy, electro]
Francis E. Dec
The Rants of... offers up the outbursts of this deeply disturbed man (audio here)
[spoken, mental rants, offensive!]
Cool and Strange Magazine's Thrift Store Compilation
although the mag is long gone, the comp is still here thanks to WFMU
[oddio, weird, outsider]
Aluminum Group
US Navy Band
World Class Marches CD, including Wagner, Codina, Magalhães, Heed, Alexander, Seitz and Fucik
[orch, march]
Peter Peter Hughes
shares CD The One Hundred Thousand Songs of...
[singer-songwriter, pop]
Jens Lekman
offers you his EPs in a section he titles "Presents for You"
[singer-songwriter, pop]
Dalt Wisney
his Psychedelic Dance Lessons EP blows smoke, dizzying the old phonograph classics
[collage, remix, space age pop]
Aluminum Group
"Lush Sixties pop-radio revisited with a Y2K twist - and some surprise guests"
[pop, synth, electro]
presents his delicate Artificial Horizon CD, enjoy more on his site