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Set 044
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American Werewolf Academy Junique Fois Pi and Hermelin Nest Christian Björklund
Shake that Little Foot string band
16-song album of mostly traditional US oldtime songs plus some Celtic
[bluegrass, old-timey, Celtic]
The Kazoo Funk Orchestra
enjoy a fun body of work from this "magical lofi pop rock collective from outer space, built in 2005"
[rock, pop]
American Werewolf Academy
rocking high energy Texas outfit influenced by '60s and '70s power pop, post punk, bubblegum
Junique Fois Pi and Hermelin
split release that calls to mind more recent Dischord post punk bands
[post punk, post rock, instro]
two composers created this serene work wherein minor keys and tranquil elements abound, on Serein netlabel
[piano, modern comp]
Christian Björklund
exceptionally fun Skåpmat EP with a helping of old school synth and video game music
[downtempo, dub, soundtrack]
Rubber Music F.D. Project radio SSB
The Stan Freberg Show (CBS Radio)
1957-58 run with the famous voices of Daws Butler, June Foray, Peter Leeds and Stan Freberg with the Billy May Orch
[comedy, humor, OTR, spoken]
Hazard Records
the netlabel div of this label offers up abstract, ambient, avant garde, experi, free jazz, improv, sound art, synth, collage, noise, turntablism, and much more (use with caution!)
The Breuss Arrizabalaga Quintet
their Nfamoudou Boudougou CD touts free-jazz pieces by the masters Ayler, Cherry and Sun Ra along with clever originals
[free jazz]
Alfredo Costa Monteiro
his Rubber Music release consists of 15 tracks of rubber band sound art, also has a release of only paper
[sound art, noise, experi, oddio]
F.D. Project (Frank Dorittke)
his spacey Mare Tranquillitatis release delivers two hours of time and space travel
[space, ambient, guitar]
radio SSB
Ukrainian band's And Right Now release on Japan's great Bump Foot netlabel (see their Greenpeace video and the band's official website)
[dance, synth]
The Drones Roadrunner Records debun Arctic Humanite Etage Noir Recordings
The Drones (Australia)
sharing live tracks and hidden tunes with the world (see All Music bio)
[rock, garage, psychobilly]
Roadrunner Records
heavy hitter metal record label offers music throughout their websites
[metal, hard rock]
electronica free netlabel based in Hannover, Germany
[minimal, techno, downbeat, dub, electro]
the founder and frontman delivers this pop with a voice similar to that of Thomas Yorke (Radiohead)
[acoustic, prog]
intricate beat work overlayed with lush accoustic melodies on his Mad Tonal Talents release
[glitch, electro, downtempo]
Etage Noir Recordings
record label offers listeners some freebies and mixes
[electronica, jazz, downtempo]