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Set 042
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Lovin' Spoonful Narcotic Syntax AgentA Various Artists - Indigenous Resistance Liam Lynch Rimsky-Korsakov Quartet
Lovin' Spoonful
enjoy the hits like "Summer in the City" and "(What a Day for a) Daydream" on the classic 1960s folk-rock group's official website
[pop, folk, country]
Narcotic Syntax
it is difficult to classify this group who succeeds in every genre they attempt, highly recommended
[dance, lounge, exotica]
Snapshot is a gorgeous ambient release from the artist behind Headtones Radio and so much more
[ambient, experi]
Various Artists - Indigenous Resistance
"homegrown insurrection and the fight against injustice"
[dub, trip hop, world]
Liam Lynch
the man behind "My United States of Whatever" and a Sifl and Olly cocreator is generous on his official website
Rimsky-Korsakov Quartet
performs a concert of Faure, Barber, Glasunow and many more at the Presidio of San Francisco
[chamber, classical]
Cheese People Tin Termites Nood Beatmapper RIAA Blokk5
Cheese People
Russian friends of Kim and Buran who are equally upbeat and with a more club funk sound
[pop, electro pop]
Tin Termites
the Strange Case CD is but one of the greats from a stack of free CDs of Mike's musical projects offered on his website, enjoy!
[surf, instro rock, pop, rock]
two CDs and more from the group "dedicated to the noble purpose of... processing and looping sound resources from the net"
[dance, collage]
presents Birdsong Remixes, happy remixes of fellow artists on Israeli Birdsong netlabel
[dance, remix, electronica]
RIAA - Sounds for the Space-Set
"a mashup tribute to the pioneers of electronic music, a glamorous excursion thru the solar system"
[mashup, space age pop, moog, remix]
"is a hard-working and ambitious Norwegian up-and-coming instrumental rock act", think of a less digital more brass Jaga Jazzist
[instro rock, jazz]
Ricky Graham Bran Flakes Bagual Volver [Brazil] Bombay Laughing Club Alessio Benvenuti
Ricky Graham
the Hippocritical release, more at his official website
[ambient, guitar]
Bran Flakes
for Happi Tyme Records redesign, a joyful quilt of odds-n-bobs Bubbles EP
[collage, silly, fun]
is Chilean artist Rodrigo Planella who shares his mathematical beauty Second Hand Friendship
[electro, IDM]
Volver [Brazil]
enjoy rocking selections from the official website of this São Paulo power pop band
[rock, power pop]
Bombay Laughing Club
The Golden Years is purportedly by musicians in a cabin for a long Canadian winter
[blues, garage, rock, oldtime, psyche]
Alessio Benvenuti
2.5 hour set of performances of violin solos of Bach Sonata E Partite 1001- 1003, F Partite 1001- 1006
[classical, violin]