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Set 041
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Groovecaffe Bump Foot Robotnicka Steven Reich REM The Smashing Pumpkins
stylish Croatian netlabel hosting releases that cross the spectrum of electronic genres
Bump Foot
cool Japanese electronica netlabel
[techno, house, ambient, idm, electro pop]
manic, fun, hyper energetic French band shares entire albums for dancing pleasure (video)
[rock, pop, synth, pop punk]
Steven Reich
The Whitney Museum shares performances at a celebration of the composer's 70th birthday
[modern comp, avant garde]
REM remixed
the band gave some of the best remix artists a copy of their new CD to remix
[alternative, pop, college rock]
The Smashing Pumpkins
4-CD official download of Machina II, the group's final release
[alternative, pop]
Fleur Earth & Forsch Symphonic Slam Various Artists - Progressive Folk Under a Dim Crescent Moon BronZe Kirill Sergeew
Fleur Earth & Forsch
from netlabel ideology, Zirkular EP, "one woman, two personalities, three voices"
[hip hop, r&b]
Symphonic Slam
a 1976 rock offering from Ontario CHRW's London Music Archive
[rock, art rock, progressive, psychedelic]
Various Artists - Progressive Folk
"a very unique compilation fusing today’s electronic music with authentic ethno feelings"
[world, electronica]
Various Artists - Under a Dim Crescent Moon
mix of traditional and popular music from Xinjiang, Uyghur Auto- nomous Region
[field recordings, world, Asia, Arab]
Zagreb artist's OHM Lounge EP from the electro Groovecaffe netlabel
[chill, lounge, downtempo]
DJ Kirill Sergeew
short EP from this DJ out of St. Petersburg, Russia; visit him on myspace for much more
[remix, jazz, collage, trip hop]
The Punk Group Various Artists - Pangea Republic Vernon LeNoir Obsibilo Sunruhe Slavic Soul Party!
The Punk Group
a couple of real wiseguys making super snappy and silly Devo-esque records
[humor, rock, pop punk]
Various Artists - Pangea Republic
a sampler of artists on the Acedia netlabel, one of the oldest and best
Vernon LeNoir
his Yawk! release on WM Recordings served up with a healthy dose of humor and joy (official site)
the "cinematic electrojazzy" Movie on the Moon EP out on sub-machine
[soundtrack, jazz, electronica, lounge]
another collection of cinematic and jazzy tunes, this time on alterlabel
[electronica, jazz]
Slavic Soul Party!
New York's official #1 brass band for balkan *soul *gypsy *funk
[brass, Balkan, gypsy, funk]