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Set 032
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Dennis Báthory-Kitsz Faust Spencer Bohren Lauren Hoffman Jon Sayles, Medieval and Renaissance music
Dennis Báthory-Kitsz
composer, inventor of instruments, academic, writer, performer, brilliant
[orchestral, choral, chamber, piano, electro, experi]  listen
The Faust Pages hear 'Stetch Out Time' 01:35
"There is no group more mythical than Faust" - Julian Cope; "highly original and very exciting" - John Peel, 1972
[prog rock, experi]
Spencer Bohren
he's a seasoned bluesman who has played a part in the New Orleans, Seattle, and WY scenes, enjoy his entire Full Moon CD [blues]
Lauren Hoffman
solo works from this popular backup vocalist, enjoy Lauren's online CDs listen to Lauren Hoffmann - Rock Star
[rock, acoustic]
Early Music
classical guitarist Jon Sayles here performs 14th - 17th century songs and instrumental selections
[early, medieval, renaissance]
Suture Sounds
montages of found sounds and turntablism, enjoy 2 CDs, an EP and those remixes
[turntablism, sampling, hip hop]
Dubzone Thumptruck Records Tape-beatles Bobby Previte KiddieRecords.com
UbuWeb presents field recordings of poetry bordering on music, where rules of language are obscured or abandoned
[ethnic, spoken, overtone singing]
clean French site dedicated to the Jamaican dub form, hosts great modern dub compilations
Thumptruck Records
spanning the spectrum of the unusual, this netlabel brings a fat catalog of whacked out acts
[varied, silly]
goal: to create a form of pop music that makes no use of musical instruments or professional studios listen
[montage, experi]
Bobby Previte
a major figure in NYC music "widely hailed for his electrifying drumming and his stunning, unclassifiable compositions"
[varied, esp. jazz]
Kiddie Records
dedicated to preservation of this classic format, for an entire year featuring each week an album from the golden age of kiddie 78rpm recordings
Antonio Romano Zircon Skye Production Sack Trick The Linger Effect Cro-Mags Nixx
Antonio Romano
an unusual and disctinctive voice performing Italian classics, serenatas and arias on 9 CDs
[Italian, standards, jazz, operalisten
Zircon Skye
Ojai, California studio production house hosts their publishing sampler featuring some great acts
Sack Trick
"make you smile alright and they do it by being seriously good" -Rock Sound listen
[rock, novelty]
The Linger Effect
The Charmer release from Newfoundland's Kent Burt whose work is billed as new wave
the must-hear 1986 classic punk LP The Age of Quarrel by NYC punk legends
somone please sponser me, so that I might party in Switzerland with Nixx in the booth
[drum'n'bass, jungle, electro]