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Set 031
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People Doing Strange Things With Electricity II Phil Reavis - Driving Me Backwards Jon Udell Webcasts Gee Nerve - Suspense Dance Delights
People Doing Strange Things With Electricity II
2-CD release from Comfort Stand showcasing some clever electrical experimentation
Phil Reavis
his release Driving Me Backwards on WM Recordings is a lo-fi 20-year audio sampler documenting Phil's primo guitar skill
[guitars!] listen to the first track
Jon Udell Webcasts
audio visual shows accompanying strategic developer Jon Udell's tech columns and blog at Infoworld.com
[spoken, tech]
Gee Nerve
crime jazz and orchestras team up with drums and deep basslines, Suspense Dance Delights release from So Healthy
[dance, lounge]
Pandora Records Camomille Chief Maquinna Elementary School Brook Adams Delftse Studenten Big Band Epsilonlab
Pandora Records
former label's classical recordings released under an EFF Open Audio license, gorgeous collection of works
netlabel producing a signature sound of "naive, idm electronics mixed with new age and emotional hip-hop, but its much more"
Chief Maquinna Elementary
this cool school in Vancouver, BC, Canada shares their awesome musical shows
Brook Adams
intriguing collection of Adams' work throughout the years, including an entire set devoted to the ukulele
Delftse Studenten Big Band
Technical U of Delft, Netherlands students share their performances of 30s-40s big band swing jazz
a Montreal-based audio-visual label dedicated to the promotion of innovative electronic music and digital art
Acksis of Evil The BenTones IT Conversations Mandolin Orchestra
Acksis of Evil
archive of radio shows from KPFT's Scooter, featuring The Inner Side, CCCP, Caitlin and Daddy and all kinds of fun stuff
[spoken, humor, politics]
The BenTones
mellow mandolins, guitars, bass - five fellows on strings sure to brighten your day and soothe your spirits
[jazz standards, folk]
IT Conversations
Doug Kaye brings the world new ideas through your headphones via listener-supported audio programs, interviews and important events
[spoken, tech]
Mandolin Orchestra listen to Skater's Waltz
Korean orchestra spotlighting mandolins and sharing recordings of their concerts as far back as 1985
[choir, orch]