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Set 033
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Laidback Electronica Polygon Network Records PENNsound
Laidback Electronica
friendly netlabel dedicated to all kinds of laidback electronic music
Cinema Volta
Swedish electronic musician, John Maxwell Hobbs, creates music almost every day and shares it with the world
[ambient electronica]
Polygon Network Records
"netlabel whose goal is to provide the world's largest collection of electronic music by Atlantic Canadian musicians on the web"
Tone Casualties
legendary, innovative, and eclectic label shares tracks from releases
[new wave, pop, varied]
Autres Directions in Music
an impressive netlabel hosting Melodium, Dudley, Depth Affect, HarpagÈS, Dirge, Obadia, and others
audio archive of the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing at the University of Pennsylvania
Song Fight! Hostess Mostess Smothered in Argyle Beggars Group US
Song Fight!
song titles provided, a week to create songs, songs then rated by listeners; amazing archive
Hostess Mostess
clever and fun pop group, found through their Song Fight entries listen
[pop, rock]
Alternative Nation
German rock ezine home to lots of downloadable tunes
[rock, alt rock]
Smothered in Argyle
intriguing and energetic New York state band, formerly One Minute More
[art rock]
Beggars Group US
a US division of the infamous Beggars Banquet label
[rock, varied]
enjoy their entire Siren Sounds CD from Cherry Disc
[indie pop, rock]
Lost Frog Productions R. Stevie Moore the Hell Yeahs Hush Records Marina Fitness
Lost Frog Productions
"a collective specializing in noise/ scum/ electronic/ experimental and crap music based in Tokyo, Japan"
R. Stevie Moore
Hobbies Galore CD, a 16 songs retrospective from DIY legend of his most appealing pop originals of over 1000 songs for 35 years.
[lo-fi, experi, pop]
the Hell Yeahs
"rock band from Portland, Oregon with sonically bombastic songs, uncompromising artistic direction;" a different band of same name is at Song Fight
Hush Records
"the Anti-Rock label" shares tracks from some of their releases; hear more at Epitonic
[indie pop]
Noam Chomsky
educator and linguist who has taught at MIT since 1955, revolutionized the scientific study of language
Marina's High nrg Fitness
self-made entertainer and fitness pro now offers recordings for working out on the go
[spoken, exercise]