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Set 016
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Chenard Walcker Flirt comps Crypt Records Økapi Minmae Jerry Lentner
Chenard Walcker
the artist who brought you the Lotus Opus offers much more
Various - Flirt Valentine Comps
two fun comps with narration by fave comic Marc Maron
[varied poppy]
Crypt Records
74 tracks of perfect raw garage rock from fab label
[60's style garage]
the Bah! EP is brilliant and 100% free, glorious
[space age IDM]
recording artists on the Devil in the Woods label
Jerry Lentner
tenor sax, tool through site for lots of great music
Elephant Stone Records Rotor Audio Club London Music Archive Dominic Halpin Neon Egypt Hot Latkes
Elephant Stone Records
sampler from label of garage, mod, '60s-influenced rock'n'roll and psyche
Rotor Audio Club
Music For Tourist comp and Larsen Lombriki Glad To Be Here CD
London Music Archive
CHRW 94.7 of London, Ontario offers up decades of local artists' recordings
Dominic Halpin
Australia's King of Swing and his bands share their rockin' swing blend
[swing, croon, lounge, rockabilly]
Neon Egypt
"free-flowing sax melodies float gracefully over Taiko-like melodic drum lines"
[world jazz]
Hot Latkes Klezmer Band
Eine Kleine Klezmermusik
iD.EOLOGY LL Productions Phil Brooks Stan Ridgway Teargas and Plateglass The Bond
German netlabel sharing a primo collection of releases, try on track 4 for size
LL Productions
sampler from Estonian techno production studio, listen to Popcorn or a new Abba sound [dance]
Phil Brooks
jazz guitarist who began in the blues scene
Stan Ridgway
Stan-approved site for the singer, songwriter, guitarist (Wall of Voodoo)
[alt rock]
Teargas and Plateglass
"restores my faith that deep, dark music still moves the masses" - King Britt
The Bond
"a banjo rock band jamming out Seattle"