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Set 017
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Bacanal Intruder Indonesisk musikk Alice the Goon Manguetronic The Aquavelvas Vilnius Hardcore
Bacanal Intruder
Shake the Christmas Tree EP, listen to Mr. Pea & L'Amore
[lovely, gentle, fun]
Indonesisk musikk
Norwegian site about Indonesia with section on its forms of music
Alice the Goon
French rockers share their entire 8-song release
Brazilian radio show hosts guest artists' songs, nice forró
The Aquavelvas
Norwegian nonprofit netlabel hosts three EPs and growing
Vilnius Hardcore
great collections from bands in Vilnius, Lithuana
[ska, funk, punk]
Motor Morons Vegan Hardcore pureVOLUME Joe Futrelle Donna The Buffalo Mediacrates
Motor Morons
a fun longtime Baltimore band that uses grinders and other power tools, hear, site
[crazy rock]
Vegan Hardcore
young humans figuring it all out and changing the world with their very existence
[harcore, metal]
host where artists pay $70+/yr to post releases
Joe Futrelle
2-CD set Mort's Walker: They Need Our Stuff
[off kilter pop]
Donna The Buffalo
concert database, American roots rock w reggae, cajun, country, zydeco, folk influences, site
whole CD spanning light pop to sound of early Jefferson Airplane
[pop, psychedelic]
Mectapus Wolverine Records SSRI monoRAVEik 2 Ft. Taxi Flamenco-World
"progressive rock, country, hip-hop, Afrobeat, and Latin jazz jam music," studio and live
Wolverine Records
chunky set of tunes from this German label's releases
[swing, punk, ska]
Spiral Subwave Records International Listening Lounge
[world styles]
"monotonik to be listened to, monoRAVEik to be moved to"
2 Ft. Taxi
songs from The Politics of Contraband CD
from site covering all aspects of the flamenco world
[flamenco and associated]