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Set 015
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Twink Caleb Bullen Transcend Primate Behaviour Pucca Pan S.P.A.Z. Coro Ortobene
the toy piano band, at once unsettling and whimsical, fun and intelligent
The Hard World of Easy Listening
Caleb Bullen offers up his swinging tunes, listen
Various Arists
Transcend Primate Behaviour 11 track 12 artist Acedia elec release
Pucca Pan
you may not realize it right off, but you love this, listen
[freggin cool]
days and days of speedbass, IDM, dub, and the works
Coro Ortobene
100+ year old Sicilian Orbotene folk chorus
Guido Deiro Willie B Mofos Zela Zola Koala Martin Carr
Guido Deiro
Italian-American artist who popularized the piano accordion in the early 20th-century
Willie B
versatile drummer, also in the Mofos
[blues, soul, surf, more]
songs from their Supercharged on Alcohol CD
[pounding surf]
Zela Zola
NY guitar and madolin duo playing Django influenced gypsy jazz
clean, powerful pop to bring a grin and sure head bobbing
[Brit pop]
I Am a Lion
tracks from Martin Carr's [post Boo Radleys] solo works
Vivo Uncle Innocent Cletus and the Barnburners Mr Downstairs Polyholiday Records XLR8 Recordings
from Kraków, Poland with gorgeous strings and accordian, stream
[folk forms]
Uncle Innocent
trippy, reggae tinted jams, listen
Cletus and the Barnburners
Upstate New York can pick and grin, too
Mr Downstairs
hard without the whining, cliche guitars or boring chord repetitions
[hard rock]
Polyholiday Records
bedroom and basement studio artists unite!
XLR8 Recordings
netlabel from a miraculous little studio, don't miss Popcorn cover
[house, trance, dnb]