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Set 006
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Bob Thompson Robert Johnson The Pursuit of Happiness Muted Tones Old Time Radio Gerador Zero
Bob Thompson
That Agency Thing, 1959 all-star industrial record
[a musical]
Robert Johnson
King of the Delta Blues Singers
The Pursuit of Happiness
power pop out of Canada
Muted Tones
(7 curators x 10 minutes of music) x 2 sessions
[varied genres]
Old Time Radio
large collection of classic American radio shows
Gerador Zero
Brazilians mixing traditional and modern
Thinner Bacteria Beat Machine Cleveland Ain't It Fun? comp MacBand Illegal Art
German netlabel with 50+ releases since 2001
[dub inspired electronica]
many releases from Dutch groups (just A and B now)
[hardcore punk]
Beat Machine
homemade release from the 1980's
[new wave]
Various Artists
compilations of Cleveland bands
artists share their GarageBand songs
[varied genres]
Illegal Art
monthly comps curated by artists
[mostly montage]
Peel Sessions Kool Arrow Records        
Peel Sessions
legal downloads of songs by artists who were on the show
[pop, alt, rock]
Kool Arrow Records
heavy hitta label, more of their songs at epitonic
[hip hop to metal]