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Set 005
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Two Zombies Later, Vol 2 Twizzle Stark Effect Party Fun With Recorders The Apartment Kaye aka Polopop
Two Zombies Later comp
2 volumes of modern exotica
lovely little Soda Fountain EP
Stark Effect
Mic In Track EP
Party Fun With Recorders
found recordings
[very silly]
The Apartment
listen and love
Kaye aka Polopop
One girl, a multi-tude of music. 4 CDs +
[pop, Celtic]
Amazombies Capture The Flag Daycare Swindlers Guff Plan A Project Pseudo Heroes
Bitches And Stitches CD from Go Kart
Capture The Flag
Start From Scratch CD from Go Kart
[hard rock]
Daycare Swindlers
Heathen Radio CD from Go Kart
Engine Trouble CD from Go Kart
[pop rock]
Plan-A Project
self-titled CD from Go Kart
[pop rock]
Pseudo Heroes
Prison of Small Perception CD
[pop rock]
Whistling Records Bell Sisters Sarah Azzara      
a fave! bizarre and fascinating collections
Bell Sisters
100+ songs from these darlings (low bitrate)
[50's vocal]
Sarah Azzara
heaping helping of tracks from this DC rocker
[pop rock]