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These are the most appreciated, most visited sites of the Oddio Overplay crew. Daily, weekly, must see spots.

  1. Stange and Unusual Music Fans - loose network of fans of genres within the space age pop realm
  2. AMG All Music Guide - music encyclopedia
  3. Basic Hip Digital Oddio - godfather of vinyl sharity
  4. Bloglines - great, free, online feed aggregator
  5. Boing Boing - a directory of wonderful things

  6. Comfort Stand Records - the most fun free netlabel out there!
  7. EC Brown's MP3 Links - fabulous must hear audio finds
  8. Fingertips - Jeremy finds songs for you every day
  9. Free Sample Zone - netlabel from Chenard Walcker
  10. MP34U.com - global sources find songs for you, like Katya

  11. Netlabel Catalogue - central database for worldwide free netlabels
  12. OOK - Observing Obscure Kulture
  13. Pop Culture Links - providing most interesting visuals and sounds
  14. Quiet American - one minute audio fieldtrips
  15. Shirley and Spinoza - kooky, bouncing, mixed up radio waves

  16. Space Age Pop Music - the encyclopedia
  17. Splogman - Jan's fabulous info, sharity, and 52 Weeks Project
  18. The Vinyl Ophanage - a safe haven for homeless records
  19. WeirdoMusic.com - info, sounds, and even a netlabel
  20. Webjay - web audio streaming playlist community

  21. WFMU-FM - best freeform radio station on Earth
  22. WFMU's Recent Archives
  23. Yahoo Music Groups - join our group, too!
  24. Zenguin Productions - a family of super cool musicians


If you are making music, sharing music, or handling music files, these are some links that might come in handy.


These are snippets of Javascript that you can add to your bookmarks, aka favorites, to make your browser do things like change the way pages look, organize information, stream audio links and all sorts of handy nifty things!

Try this one out. Click this link to zoom into this page! Refresh page to return to original settings. Zoom.

Here is another. It lists all links on the page containing text you specify. Search Links on This Page. Try searching for BOOKMARKLETS. Your results open in a new window.

  1. Jesse's Bookmarklets Site
  2. Bookmarklets.com
  3. subSimple Search and Translation Bookmarklets
  4. Bookmarklets and other useful things for IEs Links bar
  5. milov.nl by category bookmarklets
  6. Links to other sites with bookmarklets

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