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Set 052
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Wandering Ear Steam Powered Preservation Society Mombojo Quarkspace - Drop Vic Bondi aitanna77
Wandering Ear
a promising netlabel dedicated to releasing field recordings from around the world, making for great fieldtrips for the imagination
Steam Powered Preservation Society
a non-profit, electronic library dedicated to the preservation of Americana music
[country, string, bluegrass, folk]
a fantastic, young, DIY, Brazilian pop group who is earning a name for themselves as an independent with free releases
[pop, rock, indie, Brazil]
Quarkspace - Drop
psychedelia in the spaced out Pink Floyd vein, this third studio CD address cons of consumerism, so the band gives this one for free
[psych, pop, rock]
Vic Bondi
iconic guitarist singer- songwriter for Articles of Faith, Jones Very, Alloy, Report Suspicious Activity and Weatherman
[punk, hardcore, rock]
Mikel Martínez of Spain treats classic instruments with digital tools resulting in "kind of lo-fi folk with a pop feeling, ambient touch and weird structures."
Luv sound Error! Lo-FI Axial NullRepublik Schilli-San Pueblo Nuevo
Luv sound
growing, thoughtful netlabel offering electroacoustic, drone, microchip and other styles
Error! Lo-FI
Spanish netlabel is the lo-fi folk pop subdivision of Error! Records
[lo-fi, folk, pop]
Brazil artists who blend soft vocals, organic sounds, synth beds and electro glitches generating a gorgeous result
[Brazil, folk, electro]
NullRepublik Records
Argentinian netlabel and Synthfonik Fest organizers with focus on artists from Argentina
[electro, synth]
Schilli-San - Smooth Situations
two years after its release, this 7-song CD still pops up in regular play at the Oddio House
[downtempo, urban]
Pueblo Nuevo
inspiring netlabel in Santiago, Chile, founded by Mika Martini and djef featuring Chilean electronic artists
Morning Zephyr Kip Jones 8m2stereo John Frusciante Milkshake Daddy Wakka Chikka 2!
Morning Zephyr
three piece playing violin, piano, double bass and drums offers three releases of subtle pieces
[folk, jazz, experi]
Kip Jones
the violinist and pianist of Morning Zephyr shares works from his other bands and field recordings
[folk, jazz, field]
release on Clinical Archives netlabel from a German artist who is an Oddio favorite
[experimental, minimal, ambient]
John Frusciante
singer songwriter guitarist best known for his work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, shares his demos
Milkshake Daddy
our friend offers his CD "Secret Lives of Probes, Satellites and Rovers" made for the RPM Challenge
[experimental, ambient, noise]
Wakka Chikka 2!
following in the tradition of vol 1 from Comfort Stand, the ever marvelous WM Recordings has released vol 2
[porn, varied]