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Set 037
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Steadman Revolution Void Yuri Lane Lo-Kiwi.org The Tornadoes Al Hazan
was a fabulous British pop group. Pop god Paul MaCartney dug them, too. (allmusic bio)
Revolution Void
electro project of the producer and jazz pianist Jonah Dempcy
[electronica, breakbeat, jazz, piano]
Yuri Lane
the mindblowing human beatbox
[hip hop, turntablism]
the cool "comfort music" netlabel
[downtempo, dub, jazz, soul, chilled electro]
The Tornadoes
the surf band brought back to the public by Pulp Fiction soundtrack share their hits
Al Hazan
"20th Century Songwriter / Producer / Performer"
[classic pop and soul, golden oldies]
Machinae Supremacy Filewile Deadbolt Kuupuu Raging Family Curtis Eller
Machinae Supremacy
Swedish legends share a sizeable collection of songs and a soundtrack
[metal, soundtrack, video game music]
present their first two releases, remix CDs and other delicious surprises
[electronica, big beat, trip hop]
twisted, frightening surf that should have been Russ Meyer's regular soundtrack band
[surf, rockabilly, garage]
Finland's Kuupuu is the lo-fi psych solo-project of Jonna Karanka
[psychedelic, experi, ambient]
Raging Family
three brothers and a rotating group of artists (see the writeup)
[downtempo, turntablism, trip hop, hip hop, dance]
Curtis Eller
"New York City's angriest yodeling banjo player"
[old-time, vaudeville, downhome, folk]
Rokk.is Miracle tonAtom Bop Tart Records Uran97 The Guitars
Iceland's rock and heavy metal portal
[rock, metal]
the Dutch Queen tribute band
electro netlabel
[electronica, ambient, beats, synth]
Bop Tart Records
US indie record label that shares tracks
[indie, pop]
electro netlabel based in Germany
[electronica, ambient]
The Guitars
Ukranian band with distinct 1980s flavor
[rock, pop, punk]