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Set 029
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Stealing Orchestra The Taco Wagon - Young Fresh Fellows covers A Tribute to Teenbeat Records Bob Chaos Records Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka
Stealing Orchestra
sensations hailing from Portugal have created own netlabel for their own Creative Commons cool releases listen to first track on page
[montage, experi]
The Taco Wagon
a young fresh collection of covers of the songs of indie pop band the Young Fresh Fellows
[indie pop]
Amateurs On Plastic: A Tribute to Teenbeat Records
brought to you by My Mean Magpie who are now on Archive.org
[difficult pop]
Bob Chaos Records
garage, lounge, industrial, punk from 1984-88 on this former all cassette label
Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka
a new titillating compilation of interpretations of porno music from Comfort Stand Recordings stream release
Jay Trainer programchild Twin Cities Electropunk v1 PCATRAN
Jay Trainer
listen bluesy guitarist singer/songwriter in CA shares his heartfelt solo CD, this one is in overplay here
hear tiny clip from first track in addition to making cool audio software, program child offers highly enjoyable CD
Twin Cities Electropunk v1
compilation of cutting-edge Minneapolis electronic acts hear first track, Avenpitch - butterflyradio
PCATRAN listen
Brazilian Paulo Catran serves up a delicious selection through Fiber Online with a little samba to boot
[dnb, downtempo]
Robert Munsch Myanmar Future Generation Cordelia Records Sampler Banjo Newsletter
Robert Munsch
famous, prolific author of children's books reads his books for kids of all ages [source]
Myanmar Future Generation
Burmese/Myanmar resistance in exile through music, find here a good synopsis
[Burmese hip hop]
Cordelia Records
label sampler from the folks who brought you the instrumental Zappa surf CD
Banjo Newsletter
America's premiere 5-string banjo magazine shares sound files for tablature in mag