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Set 026
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United States of Electronica Ugress Fleetwood Mash Raz Mesinai StonerRock.comps
United States of Electronica
yay! great party group shares their entire new CD at Mannheim
"groovy, spooky and cinematic landscape of weird samples, loops and sounds" hear
[lounge to breakbeat]
Fleetwood Mash
stars release sample CDs of their musical artistry for reuse, new artists do the stitching together
Raz Mesinai
accomplished composer melding many worlds together, listen
[tough to classify]
compilation series from Stoner Rock showcasing SR members alongside accomplished rock acts
[rock, metal]
Le Zéro Lasciva Lula QED Records Cherry Bomb Cleaning Ladys Twenty Twelve
Le Zéro
Amin has another new EP on Alpine Chic. Hurray!
[electro pop]
Lasciva Lula
Brazilian rock boys who made it to MTV
QED Records
ACID42's gorgeous netlabel based in the Philippines
Cherry Bomb
Brazilian band with a 70s Ramones vibe going
Cleaning Ladys
a cool collection of clean tunes with silly lyrics
[college rock?]
Twenty Twelve
warehouse of his primo funky house and breaks
Peter Salett Glide Magazine Tilly and the Wall John Vanderslice
Peter Salett
popular NY singer-songwriter who also lands soundtrack work
Glide Magazine
source for free live music changing twice a month; check out the archives
Tilly and the Wall
enjoy their entire Wild Like Children CD + enjoy other sounds at their official site
[melodious pop]
Intelligent Toys
two volume comp, plus catalog of other Sutemos.net releases and the magazine
[ambient, electro]
John Vanderslice
12-song MGM Endings Cellar Door CD remixes + many other releases
[electro pop]