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Set 023
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Gooding l_century.jpg Serdar Ortaç Oakhurst Xenoton Mizati
may have heard them in Matrix: Revisited + Matrix: Animatrix + Road Rules + Real World, listen
Century Media Records
one of the leading independent metal record label/distro, also UK, BR, DE
[heaviest of metal]
Serdar Ortaç
popular Turkish songwriter and performerer offers entire tracks on his lyrics pages, listen to some 1, 2, 3
[Turkish pop]
rowdy roots rock to bluegrass from Denver, Colorado, download entire CD, sets, demo
[Americana, roots rock]
See Land EP from the fabulous Ndorphin netlabel
Conocer EP, "part of a live recording session and the inspiration of the moment shines through," listen
Mazika.com Folk Sounds Tim Ware Group Ragga-Jungle All Media Players
largest music portal in the Middle East, free membership required
Folk Sounds
USA based label promoting the music of Eastern European cultures, listen and another
[E. Europe]
yup, those download.com folks seek out legal music, too
[varied popular formats]
Tim Ware Group
two CDs+ from this group of highly accomplished musicians, listen
[string ensemble, contemporary folk]
bwoy, reggae, dancehall, d'n'b and jungle groove all at once, free membership, plus streaming radio
All Media Players
promoter host with sets from fantastic artists, bound to please; hear The Square Egg - Feels Like Summer
Mutant Psychosonic Fifer and Lackey esoul Firesign Theatre
Mutant Lab
tuning in to and turning into the darker side
[montage, dark electro]
three CDs, one for each of three genres: chillout, dance, acid/electro
Fifer and Lackey
Is there anything these two cannot do? Animators, musicians, artists.
esoul Records
Spain's BiTeR mc and family share their work with the world, listen
Fat Planet
first birthday comp of international artists from Stuart of zerogweb.net!
Firesign Theatre
brilliant audio comedy troupe called America's Monty Python share skits from their 22 albums