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Set 019
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Aspen Ergo Phizmiz Nina Gordon Prison Soup Cracow Klezmer Band Blotto
web version of a multimedia arts mag published from 1965 to 1971
Ergo Phizmiz
composer who makes music out of just about anything
Nina Gordon
songs and collaborations from co-founder and ex of Veruca Salt [rock]
Prison Soup Records
a fave netlabel in France with 12 ogg releases and growing [IDM +]
The Cracow Klezmer Band
"blending tradition and modernity with impressive virtuosity"
remember early 80s video of "I Wanna Be A Lifeguard" on MTV? [new wave]
Drumline Parking Lot Deranged Records Citypaper.Net Voices Across America Daniel Anomolo
Drumline Parking Lot
full shows and books for drama + marimbas, bells
Deranged Records
Canadian label with more teen angst than you can shake a stick at [punk]
spotlighting artists of the Philadelphia region
Voices Across America
gospel, shape-note, and more N Amer non-secular forms, low bitrate
4+ CDs of electronic music for your relaxation and meditation
[spacey, new age]
a netlabel from Italy hosting free CDs in a Flash based site
[rock, elec, experi]
Dancing Cow Net Ausio comp Kevin Manthei Rated X Janis Joplin Red Elvises
The Dancing Cow
soundtrack by Mark Snow, 10x Emmy nominee known for his "X-Files" theme
Netaudio Mix Tape
from the good folks of Phlow and the Netlabel Catalogue
Kevin Manthei
composer of film, TV and game soundtracks you have likely already heard
Rated X
a prize original instrumental soundtrack by various artists
Janis Joplin
blues set, three years before joining Holding Company
Red Elvises
Russian political refugees on a mission to rock you, lots of songs!