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Set 013
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Lonnie Plaxico Jason Moran Mars Galliculus Andrew Vavrek Jimmy Green Marcus Strickland
Lonnie Plaxico
bassist, composer, producer
Jason Moran
accomplished pianist, Blue Note recording artist
Mars Galliculus
Three fun CDs of sampling and synth with fantastic snips
Andrew Vavrek
Creative Commons artist, instrumentals on lyrics pages
Jimmy Green
one of the best saxmen out there
Marcus Strickland
tenor saxman offers live sets
Helen Sung Etienne Brunet Fun With Light Meowtsetong John Axson Ellis Mike Moreno
Helen Sung
pianist, Blue Note support recording artist
Etienne Brunet
Composer and improviser, he plays saxs and winds
[experi jazz]
Fun With Light
blips and beeps with a lovely layer of girl, listen
[quiet pop]
pop group that featured Caroline Thorp (Fun With Light)
John Axson Ellis
accomplished tenor sax and winds performer
Mike Moreno
guitarist, composer in the New York Jazz scene
MIT Chamber Chorus Steve Lehman Southern Lord Betrayer Junction  
MIT Chamber Chorus
approximately thirty MIT students
Steve Lehman
saxophonist and composer (complete songs at bottom of page)
Southern Lord
selection of tracks from label featuring Dave Grohl's Probot
[the hard stuff]
opened for Iron Maiden, Ronnie James Dio and Motorhead
homemade rock out of Pennsylvania 1989-1993