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Set 003
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Yanka Dyagilyeva Ska Stereo Total - Trésors Cachés McSleazy GHP
Yanka Dyagilyeva
Live recordings from Yanka dating as far back 1987
[Russian folk rock]
Various Artists
bajillion ska releases, mostly Polish
Stereo Total
Trésors Cachés, sure do love them!
[lo-fi pop]
pre-2002 to 2003 tracks
[bastard pop]
Go Home Productions
"A whore. A sonic terrorist."
[bastard pop]
IDC White Animals Nirvana Fan Club members Ian Butler
One of my very favorites
[bastard pop]
White Animals
In The Last Days LP (1987) among others
Nirvana Fan Club
7 CDs of originals and covers
Ian Butler
silly songs in English
[adult comedy]