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Oddio Overplay Showcase Vol 6 - Gumming Up The Works
Oddio Overplay Showcase Vol 6 - Gumming Up The Works

Delicious music provided by artists all over the web. This one gummed up the works by refusing to be topic or genre specific. Just pure sweet sugar, this bubblegum will stick in your head. The most personal Oddio Overplay showcase to date, Volume 6 is made up of songs I love and play so often the neighbors even howl along when I spin these CDs. Bubblegum lipgloss kisses to all those kids of the '80s MD-DC-VA scene. This one's for you, cookies.

The following recordings are made available online by the artists, their labels, or other representatives. The intention of posting links here is to inform visitors to this site of some of the great music out there from lesser known artists. The site informs you of these links to shared music online as a means of supporting the artists. Please enjoy these selections and consider buying music from these great artists!

The Internet is ever-changing. As a result, so are these links. The songs change with time, so checking back later, you may find a very different collection. This page was created in Late Winter 2003 - Early Spring 2004, and last updated on February 18, 2005.

The current lineup - Tracks: 20, Time: 66 minutes

[click pics for artist info]

1.   Zoom Tochka Ra - Zoom.ra-Zoom In
Fairly monastic, wouldn't you say? Tochka is Russian for dot or period. Zoom.ra is Zoom Tochka Ra to the rest of us. Coming out of Moscow, he is yet another cool artist of the Exotica Community label.

2.   IQU - Teenage Dream [Looper Mix]
In keeping with the Japanese motif, here is the Looper mix of IQU's [pronounced ee-koo] teenage dream. Makes me ashamed for studying Japanese and remembering so little of it.

3.   Kid Koala - Skanky Panky
What can I say? The Kid is a turntable god. Just go on and bow down now and bring the boy offerings. While you are at it, better bring plenty more for the tremendous Ninja Tune label. Hey, wanna see his Fender Bender animated video?! Buy this CD.

4.   Johan Price - Bubblegum Music
Johan Price is a twenty-something DJ in France. This is all I know. If you learn anything or if you know him, please clue me in on Johan. His material is fun and I'd like to know more.

5.   Lineland - Planet Igreja
Lineland is a boy in Queens, NYC. This song is from his release Pavilion. AudioDregs.com had this nice thing to say about the CD, "whimsical and fantastic like... a rare sunny sunday afternoon going for a walk with your headphones on and seeing the neighborhood in a brand new light." Please visit with the birds at his site!


6.   Balduin - Only
"This guy from Switzerland generates music that is as sweet as Swiss chocolate and as progressive as Swiss politics on soft drugs, all smoothed out on a jazz tip. Laid back summergrooves with a touch of class." - Bermuda label

7.   Bright Eyes - Lover I Don't Have to Love
For looking like a baby boy, Bright Eyes sure seems to have been around the block a few times. A reviewer once described him as a voice for his generation. Sounds as if he speaks for white suburban kids with enough time and money to stir some trouble into their lives. This track is from his Lifted CD.

8.   Elysian Fields - Black Acres
Western plus shades of the aged Eastern European blend of violin, slurring snare and rattling piano. Can you hear the smarmy sexuality of PJ Harvey here? Lazy, spent and still wet with it. Makes me inhale deep. I could just eat her up.

9.   Tom Hanson - Talisman
"I'm a songwriter, guitarist and singer who makes acoustic-based music that gets called things like 'dark,' 'dreamy,' 'melancholy,' or 'hauntingly beautiful.'" - from his website Tom offers you his entire Wake of the Moon CD online. It is quite lovely.

10.   Sufjan Stevens - Holland
"Sufjan Stevens was found in a milk crate on the doorstep of Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, in Detroit, MI, on Canada Day, July 1, 1975. He was wrapped in cellophane, and tagged on the wrist with the mysterious note: 'I love you'.... They named him Sufjan Stevens, after Abu Sufjan Muhammad, the great Armenian Sufi warrior who slew ten thousand dragons to save the Fairy Princess." - from his website This track is from his Michigan CD. Buy the CD.

11.   J. Boogie - Rosada Flor
This man is in my short list of top DJs. First heard him on Om Lounge v1 six years ago, and have been in love ever since. His downtempo hip hip is so gorgeous. You can stream or download some of his songs at Epitonic. Learn all about him at his site.

12.   .tape. [dot tape dot] - Making Waves
.tape. [dot tape dot] is also known as Daniel Romero and is from Asturias, Spain, and he creates beguiling electro-acoustic sound collages and tunes with cheap keyboards, toy instruments, electric bass, and acoustic guitar. This song is taken from his free release on Observatory Online netlabel titled Sea-Scaping Monthly in 4 or 5 Movements.

13.   Quasimojo - Sagebrush
"Vocalist Maureen Spillane brings a human element to the work... and the addition of multi-instrumentalist Locksley Taylor (also of Toronto space-rock outfit Sianspheric) adds an expansive, lilting quality to the chugging, clicking and whirring backdrops of kick'n'click laid down by Dean Williams." - bio at official website

14.   Schaumgummi - Schaumgummi
And now for a bit of humor! Now is the time when we dance, yah. The wonderful Schaumgummi is a creation of one of the sexiest vegan boys ever to have lived.

15.   Monokini - Tchuby Tchuba
Brazil, I love you. Monokini is a Sao Paulo group whose music blends rock, pop, bossa nova, psychedelic, yeah yeah yeah, easy listening, the "jovem guarda" (a Brazilian 60's rock music style) and a variety of other styles to create a beautiful new sound. This track is the first song on Monokini's "Mondo Topless" CD. Hear the entire release at their official website.

16.   Death By Chocolate - Ice Cold Lemonade
"A Dr. Suess version of the Austin Powers soundtrack" - Seventeen
"An electric debut laced with hallucinogens..." - Alternative Press
"Like Ray Mansarek sitting in with the Monkees" - Resonance

17.   Sahara Hotnights - Alright Alright (Here's my Fist Where's the Fight?)
An all-girl punk rock quartet from Sweden, these chicks have been at it since they were teens. Love Joan Jett? Then listen up and enjoy. I'll wager you will be dancing around your pad soon to this one! The whole CD is this good, too.

18.   Milemarker - Shrink To Fit
The New Wave sound woven with the DC punk rebirth energy and message. Sure I love it! Originally from Chapel Hill, NC, Milemarker brought their sound to Chicago. Jade Tree signed them a few years ago and they have a sweet discography to prove that Jade Tree did the right thing!

19.   Dag Nasty - Values Here
Bad boys of the Dischord scene, legendary harmonic punks Dag Nasty have a great website with loads of history packed into it. Their style changed drastically over the years, so if this song is too barking punk, check out later albums. Funny to write that when all those years ago I thought they were too soft!

20.   Girls Against Boys - Basstation
Although they are an NYC band, I grew up with these boys in DC. They were in the Dischord band Soulside. Well, Eli was involved with everything. Never missed a show then. Too many hours of my youth fantasizing of Scott, Alexis, Johnny, Eli and Bobby. Now they are on Jade Tree and the sound is still amazing. 18 years later and they are still so sexy and the music still pounds right into you. Interview and video at HillmanCurtis, Inc.