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Oddio Overplay Showcase Vol 4 - Red Army Favorites

Oddio Overplay Showcase Vol 4 - Red Army Favorites
Volume 4 features 23 songs from Holy Mother Russia and her neighbors. Some of the best Russian labels going are Snegiri [Bullfinches], Solnze [Sunshine], and Exotica. The largest single source for tracks from this compilation is Zvuki.ru.

BUY THIS MUSIC! For those living in North America, a great source for cool Russian music is Bliss Records out of New York City. Their prices are great. Their selection is great.

The following recordings are made available online by the artists, their labels, or other representatives. The intention of posting links here is to inform visitors to this site of some of the great music out there from lesser known artists. The site informs you of these links to shared music online as a means of supporting the artists. Please enjoy these selections and consider buying music from these great artists.

The current lineup:
Tracks: 19, Time: 72.02 minutes
Original: 2004, Updated: 2007

Would you like to learn some words and phrases in Russian and neighboring languages?
Here are some helpful sites to help you make new friends.

Key Phrases in Ukrainian
Key Phrases in Russian
Key Phrases in Belarusian
Key Phrases in Estonian
Russian Phrases for Meeting and Greeting
Ukrainian Phrases for Meeting and Greeting

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01.   Chorus Pyatnikovo - Vperod, Druzya [Forward, Friends]
This early 20th century song of the revolution is probably the sort of thing that comes to mind when many Westerners imagine the music of Russia. The people full of hope, looking to the future, sing of the natural resources of the land and of working to harvest them. Oh the sound of toil and labor in that anthem, eh? Today's music is not like this, as you will soon hear.

For more information about traditional folk songs of the Soviet era, visit SovMusic. For more information about the national anthems, visit Anthems of Former Nations of the Soviet Union or Many Variations of The Russian Anthem
02.   Moscow Nights - Chardazsh
Moscow Nights is a traditional trio playing traditional instruments. Of all of their songs, The Quadrille is the one that might get a giggle out of you, as they yell out "Feel yourself Russian!"
03.   Iva Nova - Aunt Marussya [Tyotya Marussya]
Iva Nova is a lively all chick band. This song is from their Live Demo 2002 release. You can download that entire CD, download a live show at the Moloko Club [moloko = milk] and see videos at their website.
04.   Yuta - Free [Volnaya]
How funny on a personal level that a woman born in Ekaterinburg in the Urals, home of my Ukrainian grandmother, should take the name of Utah, home of my American grandmother's people and one of my favorite states in the union.
05.   Nastya - Wind [Vyeter]
This song is from Nastya's 2000 release, Herbarium. Nastya is too famous not to have her own site. Right? Where is she on the web?
06.   Dyetsi Picasso - Sona Yar [Bright Dream]
Children of Picasso, and these Armenian children are a multilingual brother and sister team who have built up a great band around them.
07.   Vopli Vidopliassova - Pidmanula
This track is loaded with traditional Ukrainian influences. Just ask my grandma! The funny way the women sing is an ancient form. Can you sit still listening to this Ukrainian ska and punk band?
08.   Leningrad - Crucified [?] [Raspezdyai]
The photo is tiny. Can you make it out? Yes, the whole band is nude and sweaty. Silly men, Leningrad are the bad boys and have even been banned in Moscow. The typical Leningrad lyrics would fluster Russian grandparents.
09.   Gogol Bordello - Occurence on the Border (Bulla Bulla)
Gogol Bordello is actually based in New York City with Ukrainian-American-Russian-Israeli members and legendary wild live performances. When they come to your town, you will want to see them for sure!
10.   Konyetz Filma - In A Void [V Poostatye]
Their name translates as The End of the Film. This track is from their CD titled Stones Fall Upward. They have a clever mix of gypsy elements and modern electronics.
11.   Bigudi - RE I Love You
A tale of email romance from a Kaliningrad-based band alternatively known as Cincinnatus, Membranoids, Membrana and John Silencer Infra-Jazz Quintet, among others. This track from their CD Moscow Believed The Tears.
12.   Nyezhnoya Eta - Glorious Georgian Pilots
This group is one of my personal favorites for their sense of humor. They are among the fantastic roster of artists on the Snegiri label, which includes such greats as Oleg Kostrov, Mescherina Ensemble, and now Bigudi.
13.   Messer dlya Frau Muller [Knife for Mrs Muller] - The Best Girl in USSR
Messer Chups is today's incarnation of this band. Knife for Mrs. Muller is an earlier Oleg Gitarkin project featuring the equally godlike Oleg Kostrow. You can learn more about Messer Chups in all its incarnations at their label, the amazing Solnze Records of Moscow. This tune is from their 2000 Dreams (Second Hand Dreams) CD, also available from Snegiri.
14.   Krivitsky - Radiotechnica
Here is solo work of Yakov Krivitsky of Izhevsk/Moscow. This track is from his 2002 CD, Cafe-Automat. That CD reveals his passion for music from 1960s, lounge and easy listening. Many other great bands for you to hear share the Exotica label.
15.   Chipmunk Quartet - Bartender Never Gets Killed
Yup, that is Cheech Marin alright. Fans of Antonio Banderas movies will know this film right off!
16.   Brothers in Mind - Christmas Eve [Sochelnik]
Happy Holidays! Brothers in Mind are based in Cheliabinsk/Moscow. They are masters at spicing up electronica by combining retro melodies.
17.   Second Hand Band - Babushkin Dub
Babushka [emphasis on first syllable] means grandmother. This track is included, because of the Russian grandmother singing in a traditional peasant style. Nice the way they mix the old and new, eh?
18.   YaD - Drive My Car [inspired by the Beatles' tune]
YaD, a fantastic DJ supreme duo, are great with guitars and keyboards and best with turntables.
19.   Seti - Money [Dyenghi]
Don't let that gentle flute fool you. This song kicks it into gear with "Ya hachu dyenghi!," I want money! Seti is not unlike any of the deserving artists in this collection. Please support them by checking them out and purchasing their work. Russia has it going on - pass it along!