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Comfort Stand Favorites
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Comfort Stand Favorites

This set is a friendly assortment of current favorites in overplay from the quirky all-free all-the-time Comfort Stand Recordings netlabel. All tracks are from the first 50 releases.

Comfort Stand hosts a large catalog from which to choose your own collection of favorites. Mix them up at Webjay.org and have them your way! So which are your favorites?

visit the website! This little symbol at each song is a link to the release the song comes from in the Comfort Stand catalog. If something tickles your fancy, please be sure to tell the artist!


    Release | Artist - Title

  1. visit the website!  Charlie and Todd begin the show quite appropriately
  2. visit the website!  Eric & Ryan Kilkenny - Bongo Avenger
  3. visit the website!  Marble - Wah Factor 3
  4. visit the website!  Scotch & Soda (Max McMillan) - The Lonely Bull
  5. visit the website!  Skip Heller's Hot Seven - Spy Perfume

  6. visit the website!  The Weird Lovemakers - Quiet Spillage
  7. visit the website!  Mr Melvis - A Walk Through The Powerhouse
  8. visit the website!  Bumpenstein - Fuad Motel
  9. visit the website!  Twizzle - Falling
  10. visit the website!  Stark Effect - Eeples and Beeneenees

  11. visit the website!  Stark Effect - Think of Me
  12. visit the website!  The Apartment - Alone Now
  13. visit the website!  The Apartment - Ooh What Fun
  14. visit the website!  Big City Orchestra - A Kiss
  15. visit the website!  August - Itchy Itchy Hay Hay

  16. visit the website!  Georgia - Mr. Rolly
  17. visit the website!  Georgia & August - Where The Wild Things Are
  18. visit the website!  Martinibomb - Cha l'Ectro Cha Cha
  19. visit the website!  Coconut Monkeyrocket - Illogical Boogie
  20. visit the website!  Coconut Monkeyrocket - Shopping For Explosives

  21. visit the website!  Coconut Monkeyrocket - Bloops, Bleeps, Bongos & Brass
  22. visit the website!  Tapeworm Collective - Erase Return Remix
  23. visit the website!  Wild Acoustic Chamber Orchestra (WACO) - They Dwell on Other Girls
  24. visit the website!  Jan Turkenburg and his pupils of the Geert Grote School - In My Spaceship
  25. visit the website!  Dana Countryman - Lovesick Martian Boy

  26. visit the website!  Seksu Roba - Telstar
  27. visit the website!  Lullabelle - Sputter
  28. visit the website!  Lounge King meets Monsieur Max - A Gigantic Spacecraft!
  29. visit the website!  Flavia & The Motonets - Arcoiris
  30. visit the website!  Chenard Walcker - Quarles D'une Voix Mielleuse

  31. visit the website!  Chenard Walcker - Monome Valentine
  32. visit the website!  Økapi - Bah!
  33. visit the website!  Bruce Lenkei - Pour The Evening
  34. visit the website!  Bruce Lenkei - October
  35. visit the website!  Joe Meek - Untitled (over backing track "Telstar")

  36. visit the website!  Lanark - Ganímedes de Vuelta Otra Vez de Nuevo
  37. visit the website!  Heirstyle - Wien [a fave for sentimental reasons, Evelyn!]
  38. visit the website!  Bleep - Coils
  39. visit the website!  Lee Rosevere - Lavender Hip Mob
  40. visit the website!  Messer Chups - Orgia of Dead 2

  41. visit the website!  Old Codger (with R. Stevie Moore) - Hotcakes and Sausage [animalfree]
  42. visit the website!  Kim & Buran - New Years Party by Toptygin (live)
  43. visit the website!  Messer Chups - Devil Exit From Fashion
  44. visit the website!  Kim & Buran - Birthday Party
  45. visit the website!  Chenard Walcker - Lotus

  46. visit the website!  Eddie The Rat - Satori Kumquat
  47. visit the website!  Ton Rückert - Zij zei zij zei
  48. visit the website!  Weirdomusic - Satan in the White House
  49. visit the website!  The Lounge King - Ici la Femme (XXX Mix) Louise Vertigo
  50. visit the website!  Colektro - Brainwank (Psycho Foo Edit)
  51. visit the website!  Eldad Tsabary - Lophophora Williamssii