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Chenard Walcker's 'Free Sample Zone' Netlabel
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"Chenard Walcker is a French samplecore artist layering large slabs of pop music, obscure funk, soundtracks, etc. The site offers many albums worth of material as free downloads, as an anti-copyright stance. He also publishes the Free Sample Zone, which is all his material under several monikers...."

The Fuzz - God Bless The Radio [fsz001]
(December 18, 2004)

Druggy G. and nepO, two Americans from the east coast, found their drummer in the eastern suburb of London after having auditioned 7000 of them. They worked 9 months on the 3 tunes of this ep, which was released in limited edition in 1994.

The Fuzz allowed Chenard Walcker to publish 'God Bless The Radio' as a free download, ten years after its original release, in the Free Sample Zone.

Hip Hop'n Roll, baby!

Chenard Walcker - L'Ane Vetu de la Peau de Lion [fsz002]
(February 2, 2002)

First attempts with the technique of cut & paste. The title means 'the donkey dressed with the lion's skin' in french. Deceptive is what this music is all about.

The Walcker Crew - Les Veines Noires [fsz003]
(March 17, 2002)

Don't be upset by this first cut-up set that Chenard and his crew created in one shot on 17 march 2002. They reworked the whole thing 4 years later : cut all the fat, deplaced some passages, etc. Those funky tunes last a bit more than 2 minutes for once, and were only intended for use with headphones and a phat blunt.

You may think that a cut-up thingy called black veins is to be interpreted as an invitation to suicide. Well, IT'S NOT. NO WAY ! LIFE LIFE LIFE !

Chenard Walcker - Le Fou [fsz004]
(August 8, 2002)

'Give a man a mask and he'll tell you the truth' said the poet. A fat lot of good that is ! I have myself 7 masks. The thing is : you won't see me, so please listen to me.

Chenard Walcker - L [fsz005]
(October 10, 2002)

This is the 'L', my only friend the 'L', that same old godamn letter i've been stuck to for a while. But not anymore. So, listen to the 'L' and look into the eye of the Ludicious Speed.

Chenard Walcker - Chenard Haut-Le-Coeur [fsz006]
(November 11, 2002)

What about a kind of weird orchestra gathering together early 80's hip-hop with gregorian chants, organs, bossa nova, diamonds, loud bass, soul singers, 7 trumpets and space suits.

The Sand - Wish [fsz007]
(December 24, 2002)

The Sand had made a single for the chistmas of 2002, but it took him two years to have it released. It's now in the Free Sample Zone for your 2004 (and following) christmas hip parties. The Sand wish you a merry x-mas with 3 very differently orchestrated versions of his now-shared-by-million tune. WOW !

Chenard Walcker - Blessed [fsz008]
(May 5, 2003)

A smart set of half-dummed tunes. Voices are taken from the blues and other blessed chants, visiting various religious shrines with an internet network cable herbs affiliate ! Blessed thistle consists of the leaves and flowering tops of Cnicus benedictus. And then you are Blessed !

Chenard Walcker - Ecossaise 133 [fsz009]
(May 5, 2003)

Jesus is a mountain of cheese, according to Saint Augustin. But here, the voices of Cheese are... Oscar Brown Jr, Nina Simone, Mireille Matthieu, Zap Mama, Jimmy Lewis, Garnet Mimmus, Ginger Baker, Irma Thomas, and of course Jeannie Vassoir...

Chenard Walcker - Utopia [fsz010]
(November 11, 2003)

Well, i guess these tunes will take you in the ups and downs of utopia. Anyone interested ? Follow me !

Chenard Walcker - Omelette [fsz011]
(November 11, 2003)

Customers of the Merkury bar (Poland) say that this one is their favorite. Maybe it's because some voices i've embezzled here are quite recent. Or maybe this is only due to alcohol...

The clueless track two is meant to say this : Michael Jackson should rather remember what he has done with kids instead of pretending sexy romance with grown-up girls.

Oscar And The Jets - Nelson's Melody [fsz012]
(February 2, 2004)

Two tracks dedicated to Serge Gainsbourg's masterpiece, Melody Nelson (1971). It was created by request of Oopswhoops, for a french radio show he wanted to do on Gainsbourg. He broadcasted track one.

Les Rapeurs Sans Tete - Les Rapeurs Sans Tete [fsz013]
(March 3, 2004)

At the beginning of 2004, Sylvie Bouvier worked with her pupils (7 to 9 years old Adama, Zacharia, Rojin & Swell) on writing some rap lyrics as it seemed to be the very way they would learn to read and write french.

I knew Rojin, Zacharia and Adama for having already worked with them. I found the result so nice, so astonishaly personal, that i proposed the guys to record them while toasting their text, and to make a track for them.

I was teaching 3 years old pupils that same year so it wasn't easy finding some time to record them. i had to cut & paste on the voices and overdubbed some music.

In the text, Adama talks of his mother's death, Zacharia says he misses his father who he hardly sees... Though there is so much trouble for them, they keep having that huge appetite for life.

Everyone had his cd. They proudly played it in all the classes of the school. Unfortunately i couldn't scan the sleeve's drawings each one had made. Wars, weapons... but also a bright Sun !

Chenard Walcker - Le Football de Collage [fsz014]
(April 4, 2004)

This is the kind of sport you should try - a Dada gymnastic for the mind. You're gonna sweat!

Chenard Walcker - Rock'n Roll Boy [fsz015]
(April 4, 2004)

A weirdo funky stuff featuring some of the hottest dum dum boys i know, like Justin, Shooby 'Human Horn' Taylor or Louie Louie who is 'playing up to 14 trumpets in certain spots'.

But the fuzz here comes from 'Jaune Soufre', a poem of Malika Saçad, on which was overdubbed some kinda surrealist happy funk, with soli from many unknown instruments and rolling basses that contrasts a great deal with the dark poem Malika wrote. The following track, 'Shooby Taylor', is a sonic stew development of 'Jaune Soufre' with fat drums, heavy guitars soli and loads of insanity !

Two songs from this EP were also released on Comfortstand Recordings as a Swingin' Single [csr511].

Oscar And The Jets - Brown Baby [fsz016]
(May 5, 2004)

Second release to appear in the Free Sample Zone for Oscar and his warm Jets, 'Brown Baby' is based on the beautiful song of the same name created by Oscar Brown Junior in 1960. He sings while Chenard is behind desks.

Chenard Walcker - Magirus Dentz [fsz017]
(June 6, 2004)

'Magirus Dentz' was inspired by a 8mm film seen in a found footage installation in Paris. This amateur film showed brand new german red fire trucks demonstrating their capabilities. But the brand of the trucks isn't 'Magirus Dentz' but 'Magirus Deutz'. I often swap letters, but here i've put one upside down.

Chenard Walcker - Oddio [fsz018]
(July 7, 2004)

The groovy wakka chikka songs of this album were created for Katyana at oddiooverplay.com, after she asked me to do a track for a net-compilation that is now released on her site (K chose 'Io' & 'Oddio Overplay').

It's all plunderphonics - that is to say songs made out of samples only - cut and paste booty dancefloor beats, etc. All infos on the sources here.

Chenard Walcker - X Rays [fsz019]
(August 8, 2004)

This set was initialy created for the mr_melvis project at Comfortstand Recordings, a compilation called 'Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka - Porn Music For The Masses'. Chenard wasn't allowed in, because he organized an orgy in Paris without inviting the Seattle crew!

The way some tracks were created could be compared to a gang-bang - everybody's fucking with one another... Here are porn horn, fuzzy bass, dirty lyrics and sesso matto drums for your free sex parties.

Chenard is your porn star!

Chenard Walcker - Echolalie [fsz020]
(November 11, 2004)

French word for echolalia, the immediate, stereotyped and involuntary repetition of words or phrases just spoken by others. Commonly known as 'parroting', functional echolalia is using a quoted phrase in a way that has shared meaning, for example, a child who sings the Barney jingle to ask for a Barney videotape, or says 'Get your shoes and socks' to ask to go outside (in very young children, imitating or echoing another's speech is normal, and helps in the development of expressive speech and language skills). The echo is often uttered with a mocking, mumbling or staccato intonation.

Echolalia should not be confused with habituation repetition of questions, apparently to clarify the question and formulate its answer, as when a patient is asked, 'When did you come to the hospital ?' and replies 'Come to the hospital? Yesterday'. Echolalia is observed in some pervasive developmental disorders, organic mental disorders, and is often a symptom of autism or some types of schizophrenia.

This album is about memory, as i almost lost it while working on the songs of 'Echolalie'. It was created using the immediate, stereotyped and involuntary repetition of words or musical phrases just sung/played by others - dozens of them at the same time.


Chenard Walcker - We Are The Monster [fsz021]
(January 3, 2005)
oh lordy, trouble so hard
when you're monsters
don't nobody know my troubles but God
we are the monster

went down the hill, the other day
my soul got happy and stayed all day

oh lordy, trouble so hard
when you're monsters
don't nobody know my troubles but God
we are the monster

went in the room, didn't stay long,
looked on the bed and brother was dead

oh lordy, trouble so hard
when you're monsters
oh lordy, trouble so hard
bye the monster

The Socks - Boots [fsz022]
(January 9, 2005)

These boots are made for dancing. They feature R'n'B crap mainstream voices re-orchestrated. So if you don't like the tunes, just tell The Socks they suck!

15 other tunes built-up upon that same idea were released on other Chenard Walcker releases.

The Walcker Crew - Rip Hop [fsz023]
(January 16, 2005)

Second release by the Walcker Crew, Rip Hop was created during a party for the new year eve of 2004 in Istanbul, with a nice belly dancer who sings here. It was reworked one year later, using some more cut-up techniques.

At the party, a dance was improvised by Chenard and his guys with all the ladies from the audience. Some of them were a bit frightened!

I Martelli Pneumatici - Conchiglia [fsz024]
(January 17, 2005)

The members of the combo 'I Martelli Pneumatici' (The Spledgehammers) are sicilian and italian cut & paste activists that punctualy worked with Chenard Walcker. They spent a week together in the south of Italy during the summer 2004. Apart from tearing their pants at polpetta parties and dancing in empty swimming pools, they also did those five tracks.

They decided not to release anything else together after they received threats from an organization called 'la Piovra'.

Oscar And The Jets - Insane Baby [fsz025]
(January 20, 2005)

Another album featuring 13 new versions of the song 'Brown Baby' originaly sung by Oscar Brown Jr. That's what you can call insanity, considering that Chenard Walcker has already made about 20 other versions, using that same voice.

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