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Kitty Cat Songs to Celebrate Mama Cat
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Mama Cat

Mama Cat is a little book written by Christopher and illustrated by Matt. Matt's website, Scrubbles.net, was one of the first to post a nice blurb about Oddio Overplay. It made me so happy, and inspired this list of links to sites with cat songs to celebrate his book. Please check out Mama Cat [some reviews]. This one is also dedicated to the folks who made the music and to compassionate folks everywhere.

The following recordings are made available online by the artists, their labels, or other representatives. The intention of posting links here is to inform visitors to this site of some of the great music out there from lesser known artists. The site informs you of these links to shared music online as a means of supporting the artists. Please enjoy these selections and consider buying music from these great artists!

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  1. Oscar Brand - The Great Big Little Cat Show [excerpt]
A few words from internationally reknowned folk artist Oscar Brand
  2. Cri-Cri (Francisco Gabilondo Soler) - Gato Carpintero
Mexico's Jiminy Cricket
  3. Cri-Cri (Francisco Gabilondo Soler) - Gato de Barrio
And another, because they are so endearing
  4. Oscar Brand - Good Old Cat [excerpt]
One more little bit from Oscar's I Love Cats CD
  5. Norm Hacking - Orange Cats (Make The Very Best Friends) [.wma]
A portion of all sales go to the non-profit Annex Cat Rescue in Toronto.
  6. Paul Copeland - Kitten On The Keys
Australian artist with great musical background and lots of music for your ears
  7. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Panthers Fight Song
Go Panthers! Dedicated to Milwaukee John
  8. Clemson University Tiger Band - Sock It To Em' Tiger Rag
Go Tigers! A twist on the traditional Tiger Rag
  9. Original Dixieland Jazz Band - Tiger Rag
The traditional Tiger Rag by LaRocca
10. Die Söderblom Big Band - Stray Cat Strut
Westphalian German high school band, hear entire CD
11. Just Jazz - Black Cat
Composed by the remarkable pianist Matthew Fries
12. Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees - Kitty from Kansas City
Rudee and the boys recorded this sometime between 1928 and 1930.
13. Beatles - Leave My Kitten Alone
Some nobodys from England
14. Crown Aruba - Where Is My Kitty
This fun three-piece would like for you to hear their EP and CD, too.
15. Teen Art - The Black Panther And The Last Indian Tribe
A Brazilian theatrical group
16. 100 Pets - Wise Old Cat
British four-piece with a lovely cello
17. Chandler Travis Philharmonic - Christmas Cat
Fun group. Check their Railroad of the Weak. [scroll down]
18. Ishaah - Cat's Meow
Not sure that Ishaah performed this
19. Lothars - The Cat And The Mean Old Man [live]
Yay, four theremins and one guitar!!
20. Picture Nabouchette - Tiger
What's to become of the tiger?
21. Voronlight - Discoteque Tom Cat
The youngest cat living at my place prefers mambos
22. Evil Overlord Bassler - Conversations With Your New Cat
Does YOUR cat eat Rice Krispies?
23. Jets To Brazil - Cat Heaven
"And the cat stood in the flowers, two ears above"
24. Weakerthans - Plea From A Cat Named Virtue
Now get up from the computer and play with a cat!
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