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Tunes in Overplay June 2005
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Tunes in Overplay June 2005 As Summer settles clouds of humidity on the cottage, tunes in overplay transport us from the 38°C weather. Strains of music pour through the open windows and screen doors out into the garden. It lifts spirits and keeps everyone smiling. Pour yourself a tall cold drink, and let the music wash over you like a cool calming breeze.

The following recordings are made available online by the artists, their labels, or other representatives. The intention of posting links here is to inform visitors to this site of some of the great music out there from lesser known artists. The site informs you of these links to shared music online as a means of supporting the artists. Please enjoy these selections and consider buying music from these great artists!

visit the website! Click this little symbol at each song to visit the site which hosts it or the artist's site. If something tickles your fancy, please be sure to tell them so and to purchase the music.

Although listed as June, this collection of marvelous pieces came together during April, May, and June of 2005.
Site | Artist - Title

  1. visit the website!  Graham Coxon - Freakin' Out [via SXSW]
  2. visit the website!  King Elementary aka The Symptoms - Thief of Hearts [they are still in high school!]
  3. visit the website!  Amy Ray - Driver Education [via Fingertips; Amy, please be my boyfriend!]
  4. visit the website!  Evils That Never Came - See Somebody
  5. visit the website!  Abandoned Pools - The Catalyst [via Universal Records]

  6. visit the website!  Fanny Alger - Hey, It's Alright
  7. visit the website!  Dag Nasty - Values Here [from Can I Say, a true DC punk classic]
  8. visit the website!  Cro-Mags - Hard Times [from the Age of Quarrel LP, a true classic]
  9. visit the website!  The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Sugar Free [via 3hive]
  10. visit the website!  Little General - Ifyoucan'ttakeajoke... [via Dreamland Recordings]

  11. visit the website!  Victor Rice - Fernandinho [via DubZone.org]
  12. visit the website!  Two Tone Club - Rocksteady [via Victor Rice]
  13. visit the website!  Alpendub - Böse Sennerin
  14. visit the website!  Albert Kuvezin and Yat-Kha - Orgasmatron [Motorhead cover] from Tuva, Siberia
  15. visit the website!  Goodiepal - My Robotic Skills Have Failed [via Gaeoudjiparl at V\VM]

  16. visit the website!  Steuea - En Gros [via V\VM Test Records]
  17. visit the website!  Christian Walt - Light at the End of the Tunnel [via Interdisco.net]
  18. visit the website!  Etienne Serva - Trankill [via Rumbatraciens netlabel]
  19. visit the website!  Ugress - Coffee
  20. visit the website!  Obadia - Some Hot Lazy Day [via Clumsy Beats]

  21. visit the website!  Arturo en el Barco (aka Angélica Negrón) - Beth Dorris [via Observatory]
  22. visit the website!  Masguda I. Shamsutdinova - The Butterfly on the Snow [via Tatars.com, music of Tatarstan]
  23. visit the website!  Masguda I. Shamsutdinova - Marriage of Geese
    [from Tatarsounds of Greenpeace, performed by the Cantabile choir of the Kazan Pedagogical University, Republic of Tatarstan, conductor Natalia Sokolova]
    [Did you know that geese mate for life? Till death do us part.]
  24. visit the website!  John Sayles - Can She Excuse My Wrongs [composer: John Dowland, from
    The first booke of songes or ayres of fowre partes with tableture for the lute, 1597]
  25. visit the website!  Marco Calliari - Che la Vita

  26. visit the website!  Little Jack Melody - Samba Ordinaire [via Zenguin.com]
  27. visit the website!  Ophir Prison Marching Kazoo Band - Rocky and Bullwinkle Strike Again
  28. visit the website!  His Name Is Alive - Last Summer [band name refers to Abe Lincoln]
  29. visit the website!  Svend Asmussen - Ring Dem Bells [1941, Denmark] [via Det Virtuelle Musikbibliotek]
  30. visit the website!  Peter Rasmussen - Honeysuckle Rose [1944, Denmark] [via Det Virtuelle Musikbibliotek]
  31. visit the website!  Fredo Viola - Our Lips Are Sealed [Go-Gos cover]