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Tunes in Overplay February 2005
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Tunes in Overplay February 2005

The vivid cover photo for this month is by clarita. Check out her gallery at Renderosity for more information.

The following recordings are made available online by the artists, their labels, or other representatives. The intention of posting links here is to inform visitors to this site of some of the great music out there from lesser known artists. The site informs you of these links to shared music online as a means of supporting the artists. Please enjoy these selections and consider buying music from these great artists!

visit the website! Click this little symbol at each song to visit the site which hosts it. If something tickles your fancy, please be sure to tell them so and to purchase the music.
Site | Artist - Title

visit the website!  01 - Anubian Lights - Starvox
visit the website!  02 - Of Montreal - Disconnect the Dots
visit the website!  03 - The Bronze [NYC] - To A Friend
visit the website!  04 - Toxic Kiss - Freak Baby Pop
visit the website!  05 - Cato Salsa Experience - Smile At Me

visit the website!  06 - Noise Factory - You Will Smile Again [via PenguinPicks]
visit the website!  07 - Dan Green - MacDougal Street Freak Out [1968] [buy new limited pressing for only $3! ]
visit the website!  08 - Marilyn Kaye - Yeah Yeah No No No
visit the website!  09 - Troy Thibodeaux - Happy Again [via PenguinPicks]
visit the website!  10 - Jamie Ward - Oh Me, Oh My!

visit the website!  11 - Terezinha Ara˙jo [Capo Verde] - N'na nega Bedjo
visit the website!  12 - Lori B - Welcome to My Planet
visit the website!  13 - AK-Momo - Women to Control
visit the website!  14 - People Like Us - OB & Cha Cha
visit the website!  15 - Optiganally Yours - Spanish Flea

visit the website!  16 - Lunch Money - Roller Coaster
visit the website!  17 - Frivolous vs DJG - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (Stretchy-Cover Mix)
visit the website!  18 - The Octopus Project - Music Is Happiness
visit the website!  19 - D'r Sjaak - Instrumentaal Dink (Instrumental Thing)
visit the website!  20 - Six Flags Over The Vatican - Alien Intelligence II (Please Contact Us)

visit the website!  21 - Ochre - Breakbeat Phase
visit the website!  22 - Sleepy Rabbit - Tulip Girl [Polygon Network Records]
visit the website!  23 - Ensemble Ambrosius - Night School [live, composed by Frank Zappa] via Zenguin.com
visit the website!  24 - Emil Richards - Alive in Five [via Bricolage]

visit the website!  25 - Jack Hylton and His Orch - The King's Horses [1931]
visit the website!  26 - Sydney Baynes Orchestra w Helen Raymond - Plenty of Time for Play
        [1935 Durium ad record made for the Norwich Corp Electricity Dept]