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Tunes in Overplay November 2004
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Tunes in Overplay November 2004

The following recordings are made available online by the artists, their labels, or other representatives. The intention of posting links here is to inform visitors to this site of some of the great music out there from lesser known artists. The site informs you of these links to shared music online as a means of supporting the artists. Please enjoy these selections and consider buying music from these great artists!

visit the website! Click this little symbol at each song to visit the site which hosts it. If something tickles your fancy, please be sure to tell them so and to purchase the music, if it is available!

    Site | Artist - Title

  1. visit the website!  Live Human - Elephant's Bliss
  2. visit the website!  Sibot [South Africa] - Famon Nigiri
  3. visit the website!  Cantaloupe [Norway] - The Herbalist
  4. visit the website!  Lukas Nystrand - Little Bit More
  5. visit the website!  Coconut Monkeyrocket - Caffeinated Señor

  6. visit the website!  Martinibomb - Dizzy ke Peeche
  7. visit the website!  Martinibomb and the Coconut Monkeyrocket - Munster Beat!
  8. visit the website!  Felix Laband [South Africa] - Under the Carpet
  9. visit the website!  Baldwin Brothers w Miho Hatori [Cibo Matto] - Dream Girl
  10. visit the website!  Jaga Jazzist [Norway] - Day

  11. visit the website!  Jeremy Pelt - Weird Nightmare [live]
  12. visit the website!  Brent Jensen with The Acoustic Jazz Quartet - Tangerine
  13. visit the website!  Tom Fox - Slowly
  14. visit the website!  Sly Stone - Crossword Puzzle [remixed]
  15. visit the website!  Zap Mama - Wadidyusay?

  16. visit the website!  Chenard Walcker - Na Na Na Na
  17. visit the website!  The Desert Sessions - Powdered Wig Machine
  18. visit the website!  Ruin - China (1986)
  19. visit the website!  Automatic Pilot - Sit on My Face
  20. visit the website!  Tenderfoot [Iceland] - Country

  21. visit the website!  Lizzie West - Doctor [live]
  22. visit the website!  Fess Williams and his Royal Flush Orch - Hot Town
  23. visit the website!  Eddie The Rat - Satori Kumquat
  24. visit the website!  De Zwervende Keien - Camille's Aquarium
  25. visit the website!  Peter Basquin - Louisville March and Quick-Step [WC Peters, 1849]

  26. visit the website!  Sarah Cahill performs Maurice Ravel - Gaspard De La Nuit (Le Gibet)
  27. visit the website!  Léo Delibes - Flower Duet (Lakme) [beloved piece]
  28. visit the website!  Nessum Dorma from Puccini's Turandot, Luciano Pavarotti w Orchestra di Teatro Arena di Verona

    Cool Bonus Tracks That Did Not Quite Fit the Mix, But You Cannot Miss!
    [November is presidential election month in USA]

  29. visit the website!  the Bots - Fuzzy Math (2004, vocals by USA President Bush)
  30. visit the website!  the Bots - Bushwack 2 (2003, vocals by USA President Bush)
  31. visit the website!  Weirdomusic - Satan in the White House
  32. visit the website!  Maceo Parker - Hats off to Harry
  33. visit the website!  Every Move a Picture - On the Edge of Something Beautiful (At 12 AM)

  34. visit the website!  Colin Hay - Down Under [live]
  35. visit the website!  Blonde Redhead - Misery is a Butterfly
  36. visit the website!  Hans Reichel - In Harmony with Henry the Horse
  37. visit the website!  Live Human - We Walk On All Fours
  38. visit the website!  Desert Sessions [allstars] - Up in Hell