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Tunes in Overplay June 2004
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Tunes in Overplay June 2004

The following recordings are made available online by the artists, their labels, or other representatives. The intention of posting links here is to inform visitors to this site of some of the great music out there from lesser known artists. The site informs you of these links to shared music online as a means of supporting the artists. Please enjoy these selections and consider buying music from these great artists!

visit the website! Click this little symbol at each song to visit the site which hosts it. If something tickles your fancy, please be sure to tell them so and to purchase the music, if it is available!

    Site | Artist - Title
  1. visit the website!  Balduin - Creative Cookery - Only
  2. visit the website!  Cinematic Orchestra - All That You Give
  3. visit the website!  Shibboleth - Black Onions
  4. visit the website!  DJ Tripswitch - Dawnbreaker
  5. visit the website!  Square Root of Margaret - Outer Space
  6. visit the website!  Milemarker - Shrink to Fit
  7. visit the website!  River City High - So Sorry Now
    The Candidates broke up, so these 3 songs are gone:
    Candidates - Radio (not audio)
    Candidates - Can I Get A Witness
    Candidates - Hopeless
  8. visit the website!  Eagles of Death Metal - I Only Want You
  9. visit the website!  Girls - She's Hysterical
  10. visit the website!  Sahara Hotnights - Alright Alright
  11. visit the website!  Young Heart Attack - Misty Rowe
  12. visit the website!  Monokini - Tchuby Tchuba